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Email Options

As you change jobs, addresses, and internet access providers throughout your lifetime, your Cornell email address (for example, will remain constant. Friends, business associates, and family will always be able to reach you. Using the service also lists your name and email address in the Cornell Electronic Directory.


Cmail is the recommended email service available to all alumni. It is a Cornell-branded email account provided by Google Apps for Education. Students who had a Cmail account when they graduated can continue to use it without taking any action for as long as Google offers this service for Cornell.

Switching to Cmail

  1. 1. Update your email routing preferences at WhoIAm@Cornell
    • • Check the box for "Deliver my email to Cmail (Google Apps Education Edition)"
    • • Remove any account that you do not wish to have your email sent to.
    • • Click Update to save your changes.
    • • Note: You will be prompted to change your netID password as part of this process. It will take approximately one hour for mail to start flowing to your Cmail account.
  2. 2. Sign in to Cmail
  3. 3. Set up Cmail on your phone and other email clients. Learn more.

Other email options

Email forwarding

Cornell's email forwarding service directs "" messages to the email address of your choice. However, Cornell can no longer guarantee the delivery of email being automatically forwarded to non-Cornell accounts due to the restrictions of outside services. The university's information about email forwarding and the WhoIAm system for setting forwarding will be updated with a warning to this effect. It is because of these challenges in email forwarding that we recommend using Cmail.

To update your email forwarding address, go to the WhoIAm@Cornell website. (You will need your NetID and password.)

Personal email

You may prefer to use a different email account to stay connected to the university. Update your email address with Cornell Connect. (You will need your NetID and password.)

About NetIDs

You can check to see if you have NetID by searching for your name in the Cornell directory. If you have a NetID and forgot your password or would like to change your password, you can do so on the Manage Your NetID page.

If you need help with your NetID, please call the IT Service Desk at 607-255-5500 between the hours of 8:00 AM and 6:00 PM Eastern Time, Monday - Friday and they will assist you.

About spam

Cornell's automated filtering system blocks email messages that have an 80% probability or higher of being spam. These messages will normally not be delivered to you. Although it is very rare, the system can occasionally interpret a legitimate email as spam and keep it from being delivered.