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Why Give to the Cornell Annual Funds?

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Cornell Annual Giving Programs have the mission to reach out to as many alumni as possible and to raise unrestricted support for the university and its colleges and academic units. Annual Fund gifts are vital to the health and continued growth of the entire university.

The breadth of Cornell's contributions to society is truly astounding. Every day, world-class faculty, exceptional students, and distinguished alumni around the world are advancing our world in the areas of research, the humanities and the arts. And from its inception, Cornell has welcomed qualified students of all backgrounds with a desire to learn and contribute to society. However, state and endowment funding covers only part of what the university needs each year to continue offering the outstanding programs, student aid, and faculty development that is Cornell's hallmark. The gap between a dean or director's budget line and the college or unit's actual need-that margin of excellence-is covered each year by Annual Fund gifts.