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Katlyn Wilcox
Office of the Associate Vice President, Alumni Affairs


Carole Quealy
Office of Volunteer Programs


The Cornell Alumni Association sponsors these engagement programs and benefits:

2017 Annual Meeting

The 2017 Annual Meeting of the Cornell Alumni Association took place via conference call on Tuesday, June 27, 2017 at 12:00pm.



  • Jenny Barnett
  • Bill Howard
  • Jim Mazza
  • Rob Rosenberg
  • David Steward
  • Katlyn Wilcox


Call to Order – Bill Howard

Quorum Present: Bill Howard, Jenny Barnett, and Jim Mazza. With that, Bill Howard to call the meeting to order at 12:02pm.


Cornell Alumni Magazine (CAM) – Jenny Barnett

The financial health of the Cornell Alumni Magazine has improved and seems to be one of the best years Cornell Alumni Magazine has had in a long time.  Financials have increased and have put the magazine back into the black by $30,000.  This was largely driven by circulation and ad revenue and cuts in expenses.  Next year’s forecast is looking at a decrease in the class subscription numbers and for the magazine to have a profit of approximately $66,000.  The Cornell Alumni Magazine has redesigned their website to coincide with the March/April issue, which has increased flexibility.  In addition, the Cornell Alumni Magazine has won a national award The American Society of Magazine Editors Reader’s Choice cover award for our March/April 2016 cover, Sugar Shock.  The task force for the Cornell Alumni Magazine just completed their report and the main takeaways were to improve marketing in and outside of the classes.  Also, endorsement of CAM is being represented as an integral part of volunteering which helps with sales but also brand awareness for CAM.  There will be exploration of other print companies that could potentially save money.  They will also be surveying the Cornell Alumni Magazine as well as the Ezra Magazine.  The magazine could potentially be sent to some target audiences; people who are engaged but do not currently receive the magazine.

Jenny Barnett opened the floor to questions on the magazine, but no one had any at this time.

Jim discussed the relationship with the university and the magazine and prospects for any additional revenue.  The relationship with the magazine and the university is at an all-time high.  The magazine has continued to be viewed as an important communication vehicle for Cornellians and it’s the reason why the increased support with Ezra magazine insert and other advertising has been something that has been supported across the university.  Jim stated the magazine is a must have for all volunteers. 


Cornell Wine Project – Jim Mazza

The red and white wine infinity program is being developed.  A contract has been signed with a vendor and revenues and staffing to introduce the wines this fiscal year (FY18) are in place.  Our peer institutions have seen this as a way to create a service offering to alumni and to generate some important income to support alumni activities.


Cornell Alumni Association Travel Program – Jim Mazza

This is a long-standing travel program.  There is a trend in repeat business from 2016 to 2017.  There are 23 tours around the world in 2017 and for 2018, there are 29 tours planned.  All of these tours are listed on the Cornell Alumni Association website.  There will be a first-ever young alumni tour; beer in Bohemia, which will be open to first and second decade alumni.  The travel provider planning the young alumni tour is owned by an alumna who graduated from the Hotel School in 2010.

Bill thanked Jim for his report and had a question regarding cost of the young alumni program; rates tend to be very competitive.


Election of officers – Bill Howard

* Betty Wong ‘94, President

* Rob Rosenberg ‘88 Vice President

* Jim Mazza ‘88, Secretary/Treasurer

The motion to approve the slate was unanimously approved.


Meeting adjourned at 12:13pm


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