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E-mail Forwarding

Starting with the Class of 2009, students who had a Cmail account when they graduated can continue to use it without taking any action for as long as Google offers the service.

Students who graduated before 2009, or who did not have a Cmail account when they graduated, can use Cornell's email forwarding service to direct their "" messages to another email account.

As you change jobs, addresses, and Internet access providers throughout your lifetime, your Cornell e-mail address (for example, will remain constant. Friends, business associates, and family will always be able to reach you. Using the service also lists your name and e-mail address in the Cornell Electronic Directory.

Cornell's e-mail forwarding service redirects all messages sent to your Cornell e-mail address to the e-mail address of your choice. To set up or update your e-mail forwarding address, go to the WhoIAm@Cornell website. (You will need your NetID and password.)

About spam

Cornell's automated filtering system blocks e-mail messages that have an 80% probability or higher of being spam. These messages will normally not be delivered to you. Although it is very rare, the system can occasionally interpret a legitimate e-mail as spam and keep it from being delivered.