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We've been collecting Cornell love stories! Do you have your own story to share? Post it here...or just warm your heart by reading other Cornellians' tales of Big Red love!

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Patricia Carry Stewart posted on Jun 2, 2013:

Our story is a true Cornell love story. My husband, Charles T.Stewart '40, and I met on the Cornell Board of Trustees when I was elected to it in 1967 - he had been apointed to it some years earlier.The board was much smaller then and I was one of only two women on it. Chuck was ten years older than I so we did not know one another as undergraduates. After having served together on many board projects, we were married in 1976 and both continued our service on the board and in other Cornell activities. We were very happily married for 31 years until he died in 2008.

virginia Hoffman morthland posted on Apr 11, 2013:

My husband, Dave, and I met at the TriDelta house on Thurston Ave in September 1961.

We were both returning to school after having been "dumped" during the summer by our respective pin mates. I stopped by the house to pick up my clothes to move to Dickson VI where I was going to be a dorm counselor. I also went to cry on the shoulder of my "big sister" Jean Biehler and Dave was with her doing the same thing as Jean was his ex girlfriend's room mate. Jean introduced us, he offered to drive me to the dorm, asked me out, and by November we were "going steady".

Dave graduated in June '62 and we were engaged before he went on to Law School at UVa. We were married after I graduated the next year and this summer will celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary. We have 2 sons, 6 grandchildren and cherish every year that has flown by.

We are still in touch with many of the couples that we double dated and partied with at Cornell who are also still together. We will always be grateful for our serendipitous mutual break ups and meeting that beautiful September day at Cornell.

Bernard Rothh posted on Mar 4, 2013:

Met wife in HS. I was 2 years ahead. She had just failed a math test. I asked who her teacher was. He had been "drafted" into teaching a subject he hated, as 50% of math dep't had left for better positions. I told her I'd come over that evening and teach her Int. Algebra. I also went to her teacher and offered to teach him how to teach math. I did both, and she ended term with a B+. She wanted me to become a math teacher. I told her her that as an engineer, I would start at a salary over double what a math teacher made then, and could only afford to marry her and create more students as an engineer. She said yes. We were married in 1951 in January, as I expected to be ordered to Korea in June. My engineering class all were married week by week. Our January wedding was in time to act as chaperones at my Fraternity Winter House party. I got a job at graduation at an Arsenal, where the CO liked my work and kept me for five years, got a commendation and two children, and didn't get called to Korea. We just celebrated our 62nd anniversary with 9 grandchildren.

Alison Cho posted on Mar 2, 2013:

Cornell has given me one of the best returns on my investment: my husband and the future father of my child. I had met the love of my life during my second semester at graduate school. He was a Johnson MBA student and we were both taking SIM (Semester in Manufacturing) immersion course. He was notorious for asking three part questions to the professors and I was considered one of the hot women from the ILR school. We didn't start speaking to each other until we went away in one of the school trips to Rochester, NY where we visited Pactiv, Kodak and other manufacturing sites. During the trip, we had dinner at Dinosaur's Barbecue in Rochester (he got me dinner) and I got him a blue cocktail at the nearby Applebee's. Needless to say, we have been together ever since.

maxine chadwick posted on Mar 2, 2013:

I met my husband in NJ at high school and we married after he graduated in 1952. A long, long time ago, isn't it? We shared many good times there. We had five children and unfortunately, he died at age 32 ( fifty years ago ) when they were all under the age of nine. Roger "Red" Chadwick. He was a 1952 grad of the ILR school and was an outstanding athlete in baseball and basketball. He was a star athlete there; he is in your Hall of Fame. I have missed him every day of my life; I am now 83. Our children, grand and great grandchildren missed out on not knowing such an outstanding person. I am just completing a novel (fiction) sort-of relating to him (but not totally) including Cornell, his struggle later with brain cancer. It is called After All These Years.. Maybe it will even make it to the Campus store. All of you, just remember the wonderful times and enjoy your lives. Cornell is special !

Tim O'Connor posted on Mar 2, 2013:

A good friend from freshman dorm introduced me to my wife at our 35th reunion, we started dating a year later and just got married. We didn't know each other at all during our time on the hill.

Deirdre Courtney-Batson posted on Mar 2, 2013:

You could say that a combination of Thomas Sokol, Michael Tilson Thomas and Handel brought my husband Phil Batson '70, PhD '76 and I together. In late 1971, we met on a bus going to Buffalo to sing the Messiah with the Buffalo Symphony, then conducted by Tilson Thomas. I was singing with the Cornell Chorus, he with the Glee Club. Three years later, we were married in Sage Chapel, where we had shared numerous Chorus/Glee Club concerts and rehearsals. Our rehearsal dinner was at the Andrew Dickson White House, our reception in the Memorial Room. We get back to Cornell often; our son James graduated from Cornell in 2009.

Anika Daniels-Osaze posted on Mar 1, 2013:

My husband and I didn't start dating until his senior year. He is Class of 94. We had our first long conversation in the main lounge of Ujamaa. Afterwards, he joined some of the clubs I belonged to and even registered for my swim class in order to get to know me better. Our first date was at Little Joe's restaurant. Another special moment was our picnic on Helen Newman fields. We married in 2001 and have been a happy Cornell couple ever since.

Judith Mecklenburger posted on Mar 1, 2013:

I owe my existence, my marriage and my sister's marriage to Cornell. I met Robert Mecklenburger when he was singing in the antechamber of Annabel Taylor, guitar in hand, surrounded by about 30 people who had heard him and had stopped to listen and sing along. It was 1967. He later showed up at rehearsal -- Glee Club and Women's Chorus. During the next 4 years, we were friends but did not date until the end of senior year. I founded Risley Residential College and he got a room there that was small and in a noisy location. So, as the president of Quill & Dagger he moved out of Risley into the gorgeous suite at the top of a Baker Dorms tower. That's where we courted. We were married the following September, in Annabel Taylor, with brother-in-law Bob Feldman '66 playing the chimes as we walked up to the Statler for the dinner--so fast that the family thought it was a shotgun wedding--but first child wasn't born until 10 years later. My parents, Ruth '39 and Bernard Goodman '41, met in the Music Room at Willard Straight. My sister, Susan '67 and her husband met in a piano class and dated throughout college. Thank you, Cornell!

Lynn Korda Kroll posted on Mar 1, 2013:

Spring semester 1962 my husband Jules Kroll '63 and I '65 went on a "study date" to the Law Library followed by a cup of tea in the Ivy Room. He walked me back to Dickson 5 before my curfew of 11:00 p.m. Neither one of us felt the date was worth repeating. in 1968 Jules had completed Law School and his military service and we were both living and working in NYC. He called and invited me to have dinner with him. I wasn't terribly excited about the idea but went anyway. I fell madly in love with him that night and still feel that way after almost 45 years of marriage. Our daughter Dana '95 also married a Cornellian, David Carlos '98, but they didn't meet until 2006 at a mutual friend's wedding. The moral of the story is that timing is (almost) everything in life!!

Joanne McKinney posted on Mar 1, 2013:

My husband, Tim McKinney ('84), and I did not meet at Cornell, but met on a Cornell Alumni booze cruise on the Circle Line in NYC. We both attended separately, with our friends from Cornell, and the rest is history. Our wedding included all our Cornell friends, who are amongst our closest friends today. On our 10th Anniversary, in 2002, we took our two sons for a ride on the same boat, and relived the moment when Cornell brought us together.

Lesley O O posted on Mar 1, 2013:

My husband Steve and I met at a bonfire two days before orientation started at the Johnson School in August 2002. We both felt an instant connection (he tells people that "sparks flew" despite his general disdain for bad puns) and we have been pretty much inseparable ever since.

Whenever I get asked how long I've been married I always have to count on my fingers (sorry). But I can always answer down to the month how long I've been with Steve, and it all started in the woods somewhere off of Dryden Road. Spending those two years of business school falling in love with him really gave me a chance to experience Cornell and Ithaca in a new and wonderful way. (Okay, yeah, I might've attended class once in a while too.)

I still find it amusing that I met my husband at Cornell -- my parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents all attended Cornell, but after I successfully graduated single from Cornell as an undergrad back in 2000, I thought I was immune. Um, whoops! I don't know if either of our two beautiful little boys will ever attend Cornell -- but I'll have to make damn sure I don't play matchmaker if they do.

Vasiliki Angelopoulos Volkwein posted on Mar 1, 2013:

My husband, James Fredericks Volkwein, and I met as graduate students in June of 1962 at a graduate student tea at Sage Hall. We were married a year later and are celebrating our 50th wedding anniversary this June. Our first son was born in Ithaca in 1966, and we left Cornell in 1968 when Fred completed work for his Ph.D.

Rosalind Rosenthal posted on Mar 1, 2013:

Thirty three years ago today, Dan and I met on a blind date at his fraternity. It was parents' weekend, so his parents were there too. He picked me up for Sunday brunch the next day, and we've been together ever since. We married in 1984, and our oldest son will graduate from Cornell this May. My sister and her husband are also Cornellians, as is my mother-in-law.

Rondi Kline Loganzo posted on Mar 1, 2013:

My first night at Cornell during freshman orientation at Baker dorm in August 1984, I met a sophomore who became my best friend for 1,000 different reasons-not the least of which was helping me pass Chem 207! Frank and I married in 1990 and he is still my best friend and the smartest guy I know. Our older daughter joins the CALS Class of 2017 in the fall and we both question whether we would have been accepted to Cornell with today's competitiveness!

Pam posted on Mar 1, 2013:

I met my husband during Freshman orientation in 1970. We sat together in Bailey Hall and have not been apart since. We will celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary this year.

PJ Ketcham-Robinson posted on Mar 1, 2013:

We think that our story is special and unique (doesn't everyone??). Barry (the Bear) and I met in the Hotel School in 1978 when Walt Disney World was recruiting both of us for their Summer Assistant Supervisor Management Internship program. Barry was assigned as my "big brother"/mentor during our summer in Orlando. After graduation, I returned to Disney and Barry went on to a different life, but we stayed in touch for over 30 years...visited each other, calls etc. In 2009, we crosssed paths again just after Barry had relocated to Denver. 2 weeks later, I was offered an opportunity to move to Denver and the rest is history. We dated for 4 years and just got married!!! Talk about a LONG engagement!!!! BFF's, definitely!

Jennifer posted on Feb 28, 2013:

I met my husband at the beginning of Sophomore year. Although we did not date until about 8 years later, I knew that he was special from the moment we met. We are married now and lucky that we met at Cornell!

Natalie Tyler posted on Feb 28, 2013:

I lived in Balch Hall during my freshman year and a young lady on my corridor was busy playing matchmaker. She was persuaded, from his “Pig Book” appearance, that a certain David Riede was the ideal husband for me. Coincidentally, I was assigned to collaborate on a work with another student in my Freshman Humanities Seminar. Because Balch Home was barred to visitors of the male persuasion, I went down to the charming University Hall Number 5, to meet with my study mate. I was astonished to find myself swooning in many ways when my co-worker introduced me to his companion, David Riede. The date was February 20, 1970 and we married three years later, a semester before graduation.

Katie (Richardson) Orem posted on Feb 21, 2013:

My husband (Evan) and I are both Cornellians! We were fortunate enough to have met in middle school, and both attended Cornell together. After college I did my master's at Yale and he stayed in Upstate NY; he promised to visit me in New Haven every weekend, and he did! We got engaged in November 2009 and were married just north of Cornell on Cayuga Lake in September 2011. We had 2 tables of Cornellians at our wedding!! Our time at Cornell helped us grow - both as individuals and together as a couple. We currently live in Rochester, NY and love to drive down to Ithaca to relive so many fantastic memories of our Big Red romance!

Daniela Ochoa Gonzalez posted on Feb 18, 2013:

Mitch (CRP 2009) and I meet in D.C. in 2006. He started grad school in Ithaca that fall and convince me to apply to CIPA during my visit on our first anniversary on 2007. Cornell was a great space for us to evolve as students and as a couple. Mitch found reasons to extend his thesis final submission, just enough to stay around for an extra semester and I went to Cornell in Washington program for my last semester to relocate to the same city on 2009. We love our memories in Cornell, the chance to make so many outdoor sports, we miss the campus libraries, the great speaker series and even pastor PB's sermons at Saint Luke's. We move to Austin that fall, married the next year and are now looking forward to our first child which already has a little Cornell t-shirt for when it comes out of the oven.

Richard Suitor posted on Feb 18, 2013:

We were both Cornell undergraduates with 3 years to go when we met--not at Cornell, but at a resort managed by one of the Hotel faculty who hired staff from Cornell. I certainly wasn't looking for a permanent relationship. We dated occasionally the following fall and then on a regular basis. Don't have a romantic love-at-first-sight story for you, I fear. But it finally seeped through my undergraduate preoccupations that this person was a singular jewel. Amazingly, she was willing to continue with me. We married with a year to go - our graduation date was our first anniversary. 54th coming up this June. One not-so-romantic feature was that we took separate honeymoons*. Didn't seem to hurt . . . *Well, she went away to a scheduled conference and I went to work. :-)

Kathleen S. Miller posted on Feb 16, 2013:

Brian Pickerall and I met at our 25th Cornell reunion. While both members of the Class of '82, we did not know each other while we were in school. It was the last minute of the last hour of our 25th reunion and Brian and I met at, where else, the fest tent. The band was shutting down, the lights were coming up and campus security was saying, "you don't have to go home, but you can't stay here." On the walk back to North Campus, something just clicked and for a year we had a bi-coastal romance, with Brian in LA and me in Washington, DC. In the spring of 2008, Brian moved east and in October 2011 we were married at our beach home in Duck, NC. Our Cornell roots help ground our love and our partnership and are the bedrock of the adventure that will be the rest of our lives together. Happy 6th Valentine's Day my love!

Michael Rubin posted on Feb 15, 2013:

I met Margie on her very first day of orientation in 1964. I, "sophisticated sophmore" that I was, was clever enough to have become an Orientation Counselor, not so altruistically because I had heard that it would allow me to meet the incoming freshmen women. Margie and I were introduced instead by a then casual acquaintance of mine who was her roommate, and we spent a pleasant evening sitting and talking on the top of Libe slope. During her entire freshman year, she spent the first semester dating my best friend and then spent the second semester dating my roommate. Yes, I was a VERY slow learner, and it wasn't until the beginning of her sophomore year that I "figured it out" and we began actually dating. We dated continuously thereafter, even after I had graduated and was in the Navy, and we were married in 1968. It's been 44+ loving years since. We now live in San Diego, far away from Cayuga's waters, but still have extremely fond memories of where we met and fell in love.

Diana (Sunshine Lorenz) Weggler posted on Feb 15, 2013:

I first met my husband-to-be on the grassy, wedge-shaped area between Clara Dickson Hall (my dorm) and Helen Newman Hall. It was a mild March afternoon, ice hockey season had just ended, and I was sitting at my desk, depressed because it was the first Monday without hockey practice since October. I looked out my dorm window, which faced Helen Newman, and saw a bunch of people running around in shorts and sweats, tossing a rugby ball. I threw on some shorts, sneakers, and a sweatshirt, grabbed a lacrosse stick so I could appear nonchalant, and went over to investigate. As I approached the group, I picked out a guy running around in black shorts and said to myself, "He's cute." Well, long story short, it turns out it was the very first practice of the first ever women's rugby team being formed at Cornell. Bob Weggler also Class of 1978, and a sophomore, was one of the first coaches, and I joined the team that very afternoon. (Practice ended with a "drink-up" at the Fall Creek House, complete with quarter-races.) Bob and I, though we traveled in overlapping social circles, didn't start dating until the start of our senior year, which, coincidentally, was Spring Semester 1978 for both of us. That was 35 years ago, and we just celebrated our 36th Valentine's Day! Oh, and that guy in the black shorts? You guessed it! Wegs!

Rebecca (Cantor) Amster posted on Feb 15, 2013:

Matt and I met at the Prospect of Whitby in Fall 1995, as he was finishing his last semester in A&S and as I was commencing my Junior year. It was our housemates who saw first that the "nice Jewish boy" should be dating the "nice Jewish girl" and they conspired to get us together. Their grand plans worked.

We're back on the Hill every three years as Matt runs with Team BottomFeeder in the Fingerlakes Triennial, a team made up entirely of Cornellians.

11 years of marriage, 2 awesome children, and a great life later, we're already teaching our 7 year old (class of '26?) and our 5 year old (class of '29?, DVM '33?) the words to the Alma Mater!

Jessica Howell posted on Feb 15, 2013:

Greg and I met freshman year in my dorm, Low Rise 7 through mutual friends. It took a few years to move from friendship to love, but being apart during winter break junior year made us realize how much we had fallen for one another. A year and half later we got engaged and are now married. We shared our first kiss in the Ravenwood apartment complex, and our first date at Viva Taqueria. Can't thank Cornell and Ithaca enough!!

Sylvia posted on Feb 14, 2013:

My boyfriend and I were high school classmates but we almost never talked. The only (barely) meaningful interaction we had was the time he lent me a cassette of Linkin Park's Meteora.

Then we went to college in the same city. Although our campuses were literally next door to each other and he studied architecture and I urban planning, we still did not break the ice (and did not even care), not until one and a half years into college life.

It was one evening after my Intro Architecture Studio class in '08 Fall. I was struggling with my amateur design and messaged him, asking him to recommend me some books for inspiration. Instead of sending me a dry list of a bibliography, he biked to my university and sat with me to work on my ideas (in another word, almost completely redid everything) at a greasy dining table. I remember looking at him contemplating and sketching, in incandescent light.

As I look back now, I see all dots connecting together. And it makes me wonder, whether I have fallen in love with him by then without even knowing, that evening (although we ended up together only '11 Spring).

P.S. Long distance has not been easy, but Cornell makes it easier than I anticipated.

XHZ posted on Feb 14, 2013:

I met my girlfriend one week before her graduation in one of my friends' farewell party. It was very nice talking with her so once I got back home I facebooked her asking if she wanted to meet again before she graduated. I actually didn't think much more than making a friend and listening to her impressive Cornell experience. It turned out to be a very very nice conversation. We were sitting at the bench between Mann library and Bradfield, drinking Mandible coffee and sharing our stories. We were so excited that we wished we had met much earlier.

During that graduation weekend I volunteered to help drive her family around. I took them to the Taughannock fall, Cayuga lake creamery, and sheldrake point winery.

On the last night of her planned leaving. I was thinking that maybe it was my last chance to tell her how much I like her and enjoy staying with her. Surprisingly, she found that she made a mistake in booking her flight so she had to change the flight and she decided to stay for another two weeks! What a destiny!

So we extended our happy time together, walking around campus, the slope, plantation, having dinner and tasting bubble tea and yogurt at collegetown. It was my birthday at that time and she spent several days learning to make a cake for me. What a sweet surprise !

Every moment spending with her told me that she was the one for me. Although she was leaving, I could not let her leave my life so I asked her to be my girlfriend. I was so happy that she nodded her head.

Now we are 4 hours away but we are so happy whenever we are together. I am always feeling fortunate and grateful that I met her and have her in my life. Our next goal is to get me graduated and we are going to be together every day!

FQ posted on Feb 14, 2013:

We met the summer before my senior year. I stuck around Ithaca that summer to take classes and prep for possibly enrolling in the MEng program. Through a mutual friend, I first met her in Becker House while she was tutoring underprivileged kids. During that summer and subsequent semester, we hung out a lot and became close friends. We both felt the strong attraction for each other, but since it was my last year on campus, I wasn’t sure what will come of it. On January 28th that year, I finally decided that I would never forgive myself to let this amazing girl just slip right pass. I took her to Antler’s for dinner and asked her to be my girlfriend. We were official! It’s been little more than 2 years now, and we did half of it long distance. In those two years, we enjoyed every minute spent together, regardless of being together physically, over the phone or on Skype. We saw each other through successes and helped each other with hardships. We’ve grown to love each other more and more every day. Looking forward to the years to come. I love you baby!

Christopher Gee posted on Feb 14, 2013:

I started my Ph.D. studies at Cornell in August 2001. One of the first events of my time at Cornell was a new graduate student orientation, which took place over several days in Ithaca and in Geneva, the site of the Cornell New York Agricultural Experiment Station where there is a sister department. I ended up catching a ride to Geneva with a couple of fellow graduate students. I thought the driver might be a bit crazy, but she seemed to be a pretty fun person. Even though we had some classes together, she was just another classmate, and when she moved to the Experiment Station the following summer, it seemed she was out of sight, out of mind. Fast forward a couple of years, and after an unanticipated change of venues that landed me in Geneva as well, we were once again in the same location, although nothing seemed to change during our interactions. Another year on, we ended up being the party planning committee for the graduate student organization, and something changed. Needless to say, I met my match when it came to having fun. A trip to the wine festival when everyone else fortuitously dropped out, leaving only us, and things started to heat up. Over the next several months, our relationship grew, and when she left NY for a post-doc the next summer, it was very hard to be apart from the person who had become my best friend. We got engaged at a scientific meeting in San Diego in 2007, moved back together that fall and were married the next summer. We now have two beautiful children, live in PA and both work in academia. What started by sitting across from just another student during statistics study sessions all those many years ago, has become a relationship that is better than I ever thought could be. Jodi, I am so glad we ended up in the same department, ended up planning those Alternative Tour of Homes, ended up the only ones at the wine festival and ended up together. This relationship is the best thing I took away from Cornell... the degree and career are pretty good too.

Alison Brunger posted on Feb 14, 2013:

Two years ago, I posted my Cornell love story of how I’d met my amazing boyfriend, Jeff Hardgrove. He was a fellow member of the Cornell class of 2001, and despite sharing a class section in Lincoln Hall senior year (shout out to History of Rock and Roll!) our paths never crossed throughout those 4 years in Ithaca. Fast forward to 9 years later, when Jeff was living in Ithaca, and I was up at a lake house/wine tour reunion with a bunch of my TriDelta sorority sisters. Our mutual friend Tara Benedict (also Cornell ‘01) knew Jeff, invited him along, and a great Big Red love story began.

Last April, we were in Ithaca for an event, when Jeff told me we had to run an errand on campus. Walking across the arts quad, he a friend of his taking photographs outside of Lincoln Hall on a beautiful Spring day. When we went over to say hi, and Jeff mentioned that this was the building we shared a class together senior year. A photo was suggested, but just as we were lining up to take a shot, Jeff dropped down on one knee and asked me to marry him! The whole amazing moment is caught on camera. We are getting married on campus this June (with a guest list including 50 Cornellians!) and could not be more excited to join the ranks of Big Red marriages.

Jillian Gray posted on Feb 14, 2013:

I met my boyfriend of five years at a St. Patrick's Day pub crawl in New York City. For those Cornellians who have attended a sponsored pub crawl in New York you know how crowded, crazy and chaotic they can be. My now boyfriend bumped into a friend from high school who was dating my best friend who I met at Cornell spring semester my freshman year. They introduced us and we went on our first date that evening. If I had not gone to Cornell I never would have met my best friends who I still communicate with daily and see often. I also of course would never have met my boyfriend. It's not always the guy who took you to your sorority formal or sat next to you in Bio 101. Sometimes its the person who knows your sorority sister or your ex. lab partner. Thank you Big Red for giving me friends for a lifetime, who got me my life partner.

Monica posted on Feb 14, 2013:

We met the summer before our freshmen year. We were attracted to each other instantly, but both were already in relationships. Throughout the years we remained very close friends and saw each other through heartbreaks, successes, failures--the works. I've never loved someone as much as I love him--and vice versa. I'm ecstatic to have met him and look forward to spending the rest of my life with him.

Bruce Reidenberg posted on Feb 14, 2013:

I was an Orientation Counselor having lunch the Ivy Room hoping this beautiful girl in a whale T-shirt would sit next to me. I was in the Ivy Room because the frosh were eating in Oakenshields and I was hoping to date a sophomore or junior. She did sit next to me; it turns out she was a freshman who didn't want to wait in the Oakenshields huge line that day and knew that I'd talk to her since I was wearing my Orientation Counselor shirt. She asked why this was the Ivy Room and I sarcastically pointed to the plaques and told her how "old fart" alums would sit here and reminisce about how they met their spouse at these tables. She was fascinating, ... and a really good dancer. Two years later she agreed to marry me. Everyone thought it wouldn't last-- and that was 33 years ago.

Elizabeth Hoare Cowles posted on Feb 14, 2013:

Calculus was never my strongest subject. I lived in the Living/Learning Center on the 5th floor of Dickson as a freshman. An RA mentioned that this guy could help me. So, I started my tutoring sessions with Richard Cowles, a fellow classmate and the rest is history. Four years later we married and come back to the Hill often. The funny part is that a couple in our church choir, Carol and David Jordan met in the same way.

Kester Wilkening posted on Feb 13, 2013:

My fiance, Jana Iparraguirre, and I met as ballroom dance partners in the fall of 2010. She is an amazing person, with a deep, motherly heart. We are getting married by our church this weekend! We were featured by our church news organization, see the full story here:

Suzanne (Tougas) Snedeker posted on Feb 13, 2013:

Jeff and I met in Microbiology class in Stocking Hall in the fall of 1976. I was in Human Ecology, a nutrition major, and he was as a biology / biochemistry major. We sat at the same bench in the laboratory portion of the class, but were not lab partners. In one of the experiments, my Pseudomonas died, and I borrowed Jeff's to continue my experiment (I still have the lab notebook to prove it!).

A few weeks later, we met outside of Clark Library during a fire drill. He asked me to the homecoming dance at his Fraternity, Alpha Sigma Phi (October 16, 1976). I wore a peach, polyester halter gown. He wore a brown polyester suit and a rust and brown striped tie (Hey, it WAS the '70s!). My corsage was from Bools Florist (still in business in Ithaca). Then, he bought season tickets for both of us to go the Cornell men's hockey games. My friends told me he must be serious. By the time Thanksgiving rolled around, we knew we were in love. During our senior year, Spring semester, he "borrowed" a ring out of my jewelry box, and used it to size my engagement ring. The diamond I have was his great grandmother's. But, all this was done on the sly. He was applying to medical schools, and I to graduate schools. It was pretty dicey when we didn't know if we'd end up in the same city. He came home from a weekend home, and announced that we would both go to my top choice, University of Wisconsin, Madison. He said, let's celebrate! (he had birthday money), and lets go to Turback's Restaurant (then the fanciest place in town). While I am getting dressed in my apartment on Highland Rd., he is telling my roommates he is going to propose. I don't have a clue.

After dinner, I am freezing (teeth chattering) on an April night (this is Ithaca in the Spring, remember) in a long coat and knit hat, standing on the front lawn of Turback's. In front of the Turback's sign, he said, "Are you going to have your sorority chapter meeting tomorrow?" I said, "Yes." Then he said, "I think it is is about time you had your candle ceremony," and whips out the engagement ring. A candle ceremony was only for girls who were engaged. A candle is passed from sister to sister and a song is sung, and when the candle passes to the engaged sister, she blows the candle out! (I belonged to (Delta Phi Epsilon). We'll I said yes, and as we walk back to the car, we see another car back into Jeff's car (a green Vega, it's the '70s) and take off the fender. Kind of ruined the moment!

Anyway, we were engaged on April 9, 1978, and married on June 9, 1979. My maid-of-honor was my roommate junior year (Michele Braun, we are still best friends).

Jeff and I moved back to Ithaca in 1995, and we live in a house that we used to walk by as undergrads in Cayuga Heights. We have a son who is in college at Indiana University. We belong to a church that just celebrated its 100th anniversary (St. Luke Lutheran, on Oak Avenue, that once hosted the "Unmuzzled Ox Coffee House). By the way, Turback's is no longer a restaurant, but is now a private house.

Joanna posted on Feb 13, 2013:

We met in the lobby of Becker House, and 3 years later, are very much in love! Thanks Big Red!

Erin McGonegle Crespi posted on Feb 13, 2013:

We met the first day of classes in 2002 - in NTRES 110: Introduction to Natural Resources. Just over ten years later, we were married in Sage Chapel and had our reception in Trillium.

Tim English posted on Feb 13, 2013:

I first met Daniela (ILR '11), my wife of now 1.5 months, on my second day at Cornell at an orientation event in Barton. We saw each other and both started to suggest to people nearby that we should all swap numbers as a group, but we both just wanted each other's number. As it turned out, we both lived in Mews and slowly started to run into each other. As luck would have it, we eventually figured out most of our classes started at the same time, and I offered to walk her to class, even though I was Engineering and she was ILR and our classes were not even close. When we started dating our friends called us Taniela because we were always together and seemed made for each other. I am so thankful to Cornell for letting me meet the girl of my dreams, and I truly enjoyed every minute I spent there.

John and Laura (Pearlman) Kaufman posted on Feb 13, 2013:

First spoke to each other in the Straight during Senior Year, didn't start dating until two years later. First Valentine's together was a weekend trip to Cornell, and a kiss on the Suspension Bridge. 20 wonderful years of marriage, 2 great kids, 1 cute dog, all thanks to Cornell!

Marti Sheldon posted on Feb 13, 2013:

Fall semester of 1982, a group formed a campus dating service called Campus Connections. To promote this new service a great starting deal of $2.50 for a first match was offered. Unfortunately, the dating service founders were unprepared for the huge influx of applications, and had not automated the matching process. So after a few months passed, and they hand matched all of the numerous applicants, we each received our match and apologies from Campus Connections, who promptly shut down their service. Fortunately our match was successful.

We met on a blind date at the Nines on a cold January evening. We shared pizza, a pitcher of beer, and dancing to the band Foots. He was in the Glee Club, and I was their biggest fan (Girl in the Blue Velvet Coat - GIBVC - a prolific author of Daily Sun personals to the Glee Club and Hangovers). We were both engineers. He walked me home through the snow, and thought I didn't like him because my hands were in my pockets. But he took a chance and asked me out again a few days later. We celebrated 26 years of marriage last August.

Bajie Zhu posted on Feb 12, 2013:

Sibley Hall lab, final week of 2011 Fall Semester--I will never forget that impressive day. With loads of exams to prepare, I stayed late over night in the lab. When I looked up from my computer, I realized there were only me and another girl left. She wore a pair of big glasses, red hair, white T-shirt printed words saying "Nobody wants me but I don't care". I never believe in love-at-first-sight, but that moment changed my mind forever.

"Do you want a new shirt?" Then romance began. ...

If you happen to see such a couple holding hands around, feel free to say hi to us--Bajie and Cuilan, two sweet lovers who once had an surprising start but forever love.

Jeffrey Lipton and Lauren Schneider posted on Feb 12, 2013:

We met for the first time in the fall of 2007 at Cornell Hillel's Shabbat 1000 in Barton Hall. It was Lauren's freshman year and Jeff's sophomore year. We met again at Rosh Hashanah dinner at Trillium, and our first date was at Lynah Rink for Jews on Ice. Throughout our relationship, we attended many functions at AEPi, where Jeff was a brother, and our relationship was nurtured and supported by the warm community at the Center for Jewish Living. After five years together, we are now engaged to be married. We are so happy that Cornell and its Jewish organizations brought us and kept us together!

Mariana Mendez posted on Feb 12, 2013:

My boyfriend Anders Benson and I met during orientation our freshman year. At first glance we were complete opposites. I didn't like long hair, crocs, or tie dye. Anders was all of these wrapped up in one (he had tie dye crocs for goodness sakes!) Despite these attributes, our souls couldn't be more alike and I fell head over heels . A couple of rough patches later we started dating and almost 4 years later we have now made a home together and couldn't be happier. Thank you Cornell for such magical times! Happy Valentine's Day baby! I love you!

Coco posted on Feb 12, 2013:

Last January, I was in Cornell for my interview with Johnson School. Daniel had his interview at the same date too. We talked in Atrium and said goodbye on CtoC. I was a rush day, I would never imagine that the guy I'd talked to finally became my husband.

After the interview, we chatted on MSN from time to time. Someday in March, he asked whether I would love to go out for a date with him? I said yes. And on the same day, I saved a puppy's life.

Then we get to know more about each other. Last Oct, we got married in Ithaca.

That's what we called serendipity.

Thank you honey. Everyday I'm trying hard to become a better person, because of you.

Thank you Cornell.

Blake Putman Place posted on Feb 12, 2013:

I met the love of my life in Kennedy Hall in the fall of 2004. Both being farm kids and interested in agriculture, it was love at first sight and we became friends immediately. Over the next few years we became better friends but after graduation we found ourselves miles away from each other. We always kept in touch. In 2008, we both found ourselves working within just a few miles from “Cayuga’s waters.” We revisited Cornell hockey games, the Commons, our favorite old bar spots and hiking areas together, only as friends. It didn’t take us long to determine that we were destined to be together. We relocated to Northern New York and we were married this past fall. I’ll never forget that day in Kennedy Hall and I never would have guessed that our future together would have been such a wonderful journey. Cornell is where we met and it was Cornell years later that brought us back together.

Julieanna Bacon posted on Feb 12, 2013:

My boyfriend and I met during the summer college at Cornell and were inseparable the entire summer, falling in love with Cornell and each other. We'd both never met anyone remotely like the other and couldn't have gotten closer in such a short time. He's my best friend and I'm the luckiest girl. He's off to Cornell in the fall and I hope to join him in another year when I finish my last year of high school. Go Big Red!

James posted on Feb 12, 2013:

I met Marcie (Arts'99) on Valentine's Day 1999. We were married at Sage in 2005. 3 cities and two kids (boys, 4 and 1) later and still going strong!

Jon Kaplan posted on Feb 12, 2013:

Two and a half years ago my love Elyssia Cardenas decided to try out for Cornell's mock trial team. When I watched her tryout I thought she was amazing. I wrote "definite yes!" and luckily for me she thought I was cute. As fate would have it we wound up on the same squad. I was her attorney and she was my witness. Together we had amazing chemistry and did well in competition as a duo. We spent more and more time together in team practice and outside of it. We realized we not only had mock trial chemistry, but real chemistry and a ton in common. I fell head over heels in love with her then and have never stopped falling since. Neither of us expected our relationship, but every day I feel so lucky that she decided to try out and I lucked out to be her attorney. She makes every day a great one and my cheeks hurt from smiling. She is my everything.

Clarisse Berner posted on Feb 12, 2013:

I met my hockey stud, Riley, Freshman year on the bus ride to the Syracuse lax game. We shared a seat in the back of the bus and we were inseparable ever since. Despite being heckled by his fellow teammates, he was the most affectionate and loving person I had ever met. On our first date, he snuck me onto the rink to teach me how to skate. I even got a tour of the locker room, which was a major no-no for the hockey team! I felt so special that night and Riley has made sure to keep me feeling special to this day. It's been about 4 years now and even with a long distance relationship, we are going strong. Thank-you Cornell for bringing us together!!! <3

Rena Dianne (Fox) Klosk posted on Feb 12, 2013:

My Human Ecology friend, Karen Wolin, wanted me to meet her boyfriend's (David Zatz '79) roommate, Steven Klosk ILR '79. Since I was a senior and he was "only" a junior, I was not really interested. Karen and I had a project to do together, and Karen orchestrated a "chance" meeting with Steven, by saying we needed to go to his apartment and borrow a typewriter (You all know what a typewriter is..right?). That same day, my phone rang (land line...we did not have cell phones!), and it was Steven inviting me to have dinner with him. The rest is a part of Cornell couple history. We have been married for 33 years and have 3 children, Joshua, Melissa and Julia (Cornell Class of 2015!). We love going back to campus to visit our baby girl and to relive our early romance. BTW, Karen and David are also married and Steven's brother, Craig married his Cornell girlfriend Tricia Kallet...but that is their story to tell. Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Lauren McPhillips posted on Feb 12, 2013:

Matt Herndon (Eng '04) and I (CALS '07) overlapped at Cornell for one year but we don't recollect ever meeting then. Fast forward to 2008 and Matt started chatting with me on the escalator of a metro station in Arlington, VA as I headed to work wearing a Cornell t-shirt. That Cornell connection really does help start up random conversations all over the place! You can say the rest is history, as we've been married for a year and a half now and live back in Ithaca where I'm working on a PhD.

Susan Moskwa posted on Feb 12, 2013:

I met my husband just a month before I graduated (I almost missed him!). Ended up staying in Ithaca for a year until he graduated... then another year while he did a Master's degree... now we're married (5 years). He was a townie, born and raised in Ithaca, and his family works at Cornell. I love getting to go back and see campus when we visit them.

Kelly Baron posted on Feb 12, 2013:

Jonathan and I have both only been to Thumpty once; the night we met, October 16th, 2010. He is a Hotelie, I was an engineer, and we traveled in completely different circles. We would never have met if both our groups of friends hadn't dragged us there on that night. For the next month we were casually seeing each other, and then once we started talking, things clicked. We were both from NJ, and we started dating that finals week. Over winter break, we met each others families and got serious fast. Two years later, we're going through a rough patch, but he's still my best friend and the love of my life. We've shared so much together, and I got to see Cornell through his eyes as well.

Melissa posted on Feb 12, 2013:

I met my husband (BS Biology '99) in the fall of my freshman (his sophomore) year when we were both working at a North Campus dining hall...not the most romantic of meetings, but we had fun.

After a couple of weeks, he invited me to my first Cornell hockey game. (Let's Go Red!) We had a ball and shortly after he asked if I had made Valentine's day plans yet. Since it was November, I honestly told him I hadn't, but I was thrilled he was thinking so far ahead. He responded with an invitation to the Harvard game which was going to be on February 14th.

In the months between, and for the 3 years after, our years at Cornell were made even better by picnics at Beebe Lake, gorge hikes, walks around the Plantations, and late night strolls across the suspension bridge.

When he left for grad school after graduation, we stayed together and I'd send him pictures of our favorite places and a "wish you were here." He returned for my graduation the following spring and surprised me with a proposal under that huge tree on top of the hill at the Plantations.

We celebrated our 11th anniversary this fall.

Lindsey MacKay Fellows posted on Feb 12, 2013:

Chris Fellows (Eng '07) and I met in class in '06. We married in a beautiful Mass in Sage Chapel in September 2007 and now live near Seattle with our two beautiful little ones who think they would like to go to Cornell-- though at 4 and 2, they have a long wait :)

Amy (Hutton) Spaziani posted on Feb 12, 2013:

Charles & I met at Dunbars because of our affiliation with our greek organizations (I'm a Chi Omega and he's a Delta Kappa Epsilon). Who knew you had to travel 4 1/2 hours away from home to meet someone that lived in the next town over & who's father's company (SPAZ beverage) was a landmark for giving directions. Charles was wearing a SPAZ beverage when I went up to him & we've been together ever since.

Ginny McAleer Poleman posted on Feb 12, 2013:

Tom Poleman was my TA for Comm Arts "Interpersonal Communications." We had our first kiss in the WVBR staff lounge. Married in 1988 and celebrating 25 years this June. Our son goes to Ithaca College and we're taking our daughter to visit Cornell and Ithaca this March.

Gen (Murphy) Nelson posted on Feb 12, 2013:

It all started when my friend got an invitation to a wine and cheese party at Bob's (Hotel 1983) fall of my sophomore year we were head-over-heels. Twenty seven years and two beautiful daughters later, we are still going strong!

Naigeng posted on Feb 12, 2013:

This winter, I met my love Mengyi in the Carpenter Library. Both of us are first come to the US for study. She is in Civil Engineering and I am in Mechanical Engineering. Though the weather in Ithaca is always cold and snowy, the time we spend together is full of joy and happiness. Text messages first connect us with each other. The tango class makes us much closer. Cooking in Maple apartment is our unique dating tradition. The engineering quad is where the love happens. Happy Valentines Mengyi, and wish all the Cornell couples to live a happy life!

Megan Evans Bradley posted on Feb 12, 2013:

Don (Deever - CHEM E '93) and I met on the Monday after fall break in the 4th floor tv lounge in Cascadilla Hall. It was our sophomore year. It took him about a month to work up the nerve to ask me out but we have been together ever since. One of the most romantic evenings of my life was spent walking around campus, in the rain, waiting for a kiss. Something about the magic of Cornell....

Kristin Milley posted on Feb 12, 2013:

I met Don ('92) on September 30th my freshman year and his junior year at Cornell. Five years later to the day we got married. And we're still going strong over 17 years later! There are very few Cornell memories of mine that don't involve him!

Terry Kilmer posted on Feb 12, 2013:

I knew John as an undergrad when I dated his roommate Mark. I never saw him after my sophomore year. I'm very involved with my class and attend reunions every year. John was back on campus for his 25th reunion in '08 and we caught up over the weekend and subsequently fell in love! We will celebrate 5 years of reconnection this June! Love having this wonderful man in my life!

Ann Harper posted on Feb 12, 2013:

Russell ('89) and I met because we lived in the same apartment (different years). We dated briefly after I stopped by to settle up an overlapping electric bill and invited his housemate (and him) to a party nearby. Though we went our separate ways we never forgot. I was divorced with two children when we got in touch again in 2003. This time we got it right, got married in 2004, and are still going strong.

Irene Walker posted on Feb 12, 2013:

I stayed in Ithaca for a summer internship my junior year, and saw that free Japanese lessons were being offered in a summer program that taught Japanese participants how to teach Japanese. Although my husband is not a Cornellian, I ended up taking Japanese senior year, and not knowing what I wanted to do after graduating, I interviewed with an English language company looking for people to teach English in Japan. I faxed a resume the day before they came and got an interview. Got the job but kept postponing the start date. When I finally went, I met my now husband at orientation. Took a long time (we were both shy) but AFTER he left we started emailing... Long story short, after I finished up, and got an MA in San Francisco, I moved to Canada.

Colleen Kaplin Kapklein posted on Feb 12, 2013:

We fell in love working on The Sun

Eric Gunther posted on Feb 12, 2013:

I met my fiance, Dianne Kamfonik '10, my freshman year at Cornell. We were two doors down from each other on Donlon 4th floor and shared some of the same classes. We were great friends through all 4 years of college and, after graduation, we both moved to Massachussetts. There we developed an even better romantic relationship. Now we live in Boston with our dog Ollie - Dianne is a grad student at MIT and I'm a software engineer. We got engaged 12/27/2012 and are looking to get married sometime in 2014! The wedding won't be in Ithaca, but there will be plenty of friends from Cornell to represent the Big Red!

Samantha Pawlak posted on Feb 12, 2013:

Met my beau in some classes we had together. He was one year ahead of me in CIPA :) We'd hang out at lot at Chapter House before actually dating and he'd help me with homework once in awhile. I had to work with him on a presentation once and I got so nervous I messed the whole thing up lol.

Han posted on Feb 12, 2013:

Me and my ex met in the South, and moved to Cornell, and we are both Cornell student/alumnus. Though we were not together, I am still thankful for Cornell for its beautiful environment and those days. Hope every couple can be in sweet love always.

Remember to go around Beebe lake with your love hand in hand.

We forgot to do it and we were apart...

Jennifer posted on Feb 12, 2013:

When I started my senior year at Cornell in the Fall of 2001, it had been quite some time since my last relationship, which left me burned. But I had spent the summer corresponding with a Cornell Alum from the Class of 1998, who was a member of the same coed fraternity at Cornell that I was. He came to visit re-visit campus and the fraternity the weekend classes started, Labor Day Weekend 2001. I was really excited, and decided to make him walk around Beebe Lake holding hands, because of the superstition that if you do that you get married. Well, we have been married for 8 years and have 2 future Cornellians together :)

Victoria Aisenberg posted on Feb 12, 2013:

I met my husband (Avi Aisenberg '09) sometime in my Sophomore year as he was in DKE and I was friendly with most of his fraternity brothers. We didn't officially start dating until the summer after we graduated, but what I can say is that our love for Cornell was the first thing that brought us together. I was living in Boston, MA after graduation, and he was doing research and teaching at Cornell, so for a full year we had a 6-hour drive, long distance relationship. I remember it vividly - the trips we took to wineries, CTB, Collegetown, The Commons, and many of our favorite Ithaca restaurants. That year, I learned that distance couldn't break the love I had developed for this man.

We married on September 15, 2012, and are currently in the process of purchasing our first home in South Florida.

Thank you Cornell for helping me find the love of my life, and Happy Valentine's Day!

Tara posted on Feb 12, 2013:

My fiancé and I met during my freshman year and his junior year, but we didn't know each other at all. On slope day eve, we stayed up at his fraternity's party all night talking and all day on slope day. We were inseparable friends immediately but he went home for the summer. When he came back, we were immediately back together and started dating that September. We've hardly spent a day apart since. He was going to propose on top of my building Bradfield but I got really sick and needed emergency surgery. He later proposed in front of my family. We decided we want to come back and get married on Libe Slope where we shared our first "I love you's" at 3 am staring at the stars on our five year anniversary.

Karen Marinelli posted on Feb 12, 2013:

Bob ('90) and I met the first night of freshman year in Cascadilla, where we both lived. We were married in Sage Chapel on Oct 20, 1990. 22 years & 2 kids later, a Big Red hockey game is still our idea of date night; even if we have to drive 3 hours to get there.

Rachael Efthimiou Stock posted on Feb 12, 2013:

How appropriate to be writing about my Cornell love story at this time of year. You see, the week leading up to Valentine's Day of 2009 I was a determined Senior with a job offer and no man to distract me. I was quite satisfied. It was a good plan and I had no intention of changing it. However, it seems fate had a different plan.

That Friday, which just so happened to be Friday the 13th, I met the man who is now my husband and father to my beautiful son. He was not a Cornellian himself, but our entire love story began thanks to the romantic setting of Cornell in February. It makes me nostalgic just thinking about it.

He and two other West Point cadets asked to visit Cornell for their long weekend. I took pity on them given their future roles serving in the US Army and offered to show them around.

After walking all of Collegetown, introducing him to the wonder that is bubble tea, and enjoying some Hot Truck snacks, I realized that I had found my soulmate. We shared our first kiss in front of the frozen falls, glistening romantically in the frosty moonlight. In that moment, my big plans for my life suddenly seemed unimportant.

I moved to Texas after graduation, giving up my job offer and starting graduate school instead. We were married New Years Eve of 2010, welcomed our first child Labor Day of 2011, and strengthened our love through the distance and hardship of a year-long deployment. To this day I am grateful for that weekend, and for the many opportunities Cornell gave us to fall in love.

Joanna James Beitel posted on Feb 12, 2013:

My husband David (Eng '91, MEng '92) and I met when I was a freshman and he was a sophomore. We dated all through college despite taking ballroom dance together for a P.E. credit and almost breaking up every Monday night for that whole semester (I wanted to lead). He proposed in his tiny basement apartment on Linden Ave. and last month we celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary.

Lee Drake posted on Feb 12, 2013:

In Donlon met Lee Drake and Val Later Risley became their locale They married in Sage Love lasts till this age They raised up a great kid named Cal!

Happy Valentines Day! Lee and Val Drake, Class of '82

Pamela posted on Feb 12, 2013:

In Feb. 1988, Roger came to work at the Library where I had been employed since Nov. 1987. I was dating someone else at the time but Rog and I quickly began to realize how much we really liked each other so I broke up with the guy I had been with in favor of Rog.

It eventually came to light that his sister, who had worked with my mother (both also at the same Cornell Library we were at) had tried a few years prior to get us together. I remembered his sister showing me a picture of him when I came to see my mom at her office and he remembers his sister talking about me and how we were so much alike and would really get along great.

Long story short, we started to date in March or April if 1988. We spent a lot of time in the courtyard at Sage Chapel talking and laughing and falling in love. Rog proposed in October of that same year and in Sept. of 1989 we were married at Upper Treman State Park in Ithaca.

We went on to have two kids and though we divorced a year and a half ago, we have remained the best of friends and are still huge parts of each other's lives and always will be.

Kathy Zahler posted on Feb 12, 2013:

Our dads were Cornell professors, mine in Microbial Genetics and his in Nutrition. I worked in his dad's lab in high school. When Paul Lutwak and I finally got together years later, he was working at Baker Institute in the Vet School. Now our daughter is looking at Cornell—she'll be Class of '18 if all goes according to plan!

Irene V. Lessmeister posted on Feb 12, 2013:

My husband (AS'02 and GR'11) and I officially met through a pre-WSH Grad Ball dinner party thrown by a mutual friend almost four years ago, though we're pretty sure we bumped into each other at least a few times before then. (He likes to tell people I once introduced myself to him long before we started dating, but I don't remember...)

We were both grad students then, and now are both staff at Cornell! Where else would we get married but on campus? We were so happy to be surrounded by many of our college friends and celebrate at the Statler.

The first anniversary of our winter wedding is coming up next week... and in two days' time we're escaping Ithaca's snow for a belated honeymoon! :)

Lisa Friedheim-Weis posted on Mar 11, 2012:

My husband, Jonathan Weis (1992 BA Arts & Sciences) and I met on the first day of freshman year in what was then U-Hall 5 on West Campus. We both found ourselves on the third floor of U-hall 5, and we immediately bonded over shared interests like tennis and music. We were great pals first semester, but we secretly liked each other even on that first summer day in August 1988. We studied together at Uris, ate together at the Straight (and at Hot Truck!), and stayed up late listening to R.E.M. that first semester. By the time winter break was upon us freshman year, we were both so sad to leave the other for a whole month! Upon our return to campus, Jon asked me to go to his fraternity winter formal (the Deke Understaker's Ball). On February 12, 1989 (a day we both remember so clearly), I gussied up in my pink! prom dress from high school and off we went to our first formal together. That night, Jon asked me to be his girlfriend and, despite the fact that he had spilled beer all over my dress that night, I said yes. We dated continuously through graduation in 1992, and, after a year apart (me in NYC and Jon in Chicago), we got engaged in Summer 1993. I moved with Jon to Champaign, Illinois, where he was starting law school at the University of Illinois. I became an Illinois resident and started law school there the following year. We were married in January 1995. We have been together for 23 years and married for 17 years. We have one child - our son Samuel, who is the light of our lives. We can only hope that (1) he too goes to Cornell; and (2) he finds the love of his life there as we did.

Thanks Cornell!!!!

Hallie Hohner posted on Mar 10, 2012:

My husband Doug was in the Engineering School - Class of 1992. We met at a fraternity/sorority mixer one Thursday night. It was a body painting party, and he painted the word "Nice" down the front of my shirt. That was 1989. Now, it's 23 years later, and we have been married for 15 years and have two great kids! We can't wait to go to Ithaca in June for his 20th year reunion.

Alisa Kishinsky Hare posted on Feb 18, 2012:

Though Jeff and I were in the same major (Ag Ec in those days), we did not really meet until Hotel Ezra Cornell weekend, at the end of our junior year. We worked at the same event and then spent time together at the party hosted by a professor following the event, with all the leftover food and wine. We have been married for 26 years and have enjoyed all of our trips back to Cornell, including our oldest son's graduation last year. The family tradition continues with our youngest son beginning as a freshman in the fall.

Aruna Bharathi posted on Feb 17, 2012:

Shawn and I met freshman year while living in Donlon. We would sit in Uris library together, and eat CTB during late-night studying marathons. We both were pretty involved in the Indian dance scene as members of Cornell Bhangra, and a combination of late-night practices, the remote isolation of Cornell, and the need to huddle for warmth and survival (just kidding) pushed us together over the years. By Junior year, we were dating, and two years after graduation, he proposed. We are getting married in July, '12, and many of our Cornell classmates will be in attendance. Cornell is a special place that we will always look back on with fond memories. Cheers to all of the other Cornell couples!

Patti Boye-Williams posted on Feb 16, 2012:

Was introduced to Chad by a mutual friend freshman year. Turned out his dorm room was directly above mine in Donlon. He had come to campus with a forbidden appliance: a TOASTER OVEN. We spent evenings sitting in the hall (because it would have blown a fuse in the dorm rooms). We were both dating other people, but remained friends throughout our freshman year. Spring semester sophomore year we planned to go to Maine together for spring break with a group of friends. Turned out everyone else backed out at the last minute--which was probably a good thing as we had started dating shortly before the trip without having told anyone yet.

Fall semester junior year we went for a walk around Beebe lake (holding hands the entire time) and then he took me to a tree on Libe slope where he sat me down and proposed. I still remember skipping the whole way back home through Collegetown. It was a long engagement--we married a year after we graduated. This summer will mark 13 years since we married and we have two beautiful girls.

Rich Stuebing posted on Feb 16, 2012:

I was a senior in Industrial Engineering in the fall of 1965, and Kathy came as a grad student in what is now Human Ecology. When she looked for Christian friends at Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship, I was the chairman, and I quickly noticed how beautiful she was (still is, at 70!), besides being brilliant (later got her Ed D from Harvard).

I was sporty, and she was arty, but we will celebrate 45 wonderful years of marriage in July, and I still think she is the most incredible woman I have ever met. Most of that time has been spent teaching in Zambia, who won the Africa Cup of Nations (soccer) on Feb 12, and we watched the whole game together, penalty shootout and all!

So Cornell gave me the greatest Valentine ever. As we say here, "Twatotela sana" (Thank you very much, in ChiBemba).

Lauren Dawn Sachvie posted on Feb 15, 2012:

Even though Jim and I didn't work out we have such a wonderful story I would like to share. Freshman year, I lived in the townhouses and my beau Jim lived in Donlon. After much searching on, I knew that I had found the one. Jim was a football player and I always had a thing for guys with dimples. His nickname was "Jimples" lol. My good friend Caroline had gone on a few "dates" with Jim's roommate Ryan (also a big red football player) so I asked her to introduce us. It wasn't exactly love at first sight. I went to the townhouses for an introduction and ended up flirting with his friend, Drew! My lack of attention must have lured him in. We dated for a few months and experienced a lot of what Cornell had to offer together (Bear nasties, the hot truck, Johnny-Os and Louie's lunch truck). Although we broke up, we remain friendly and I will hold the memories I have with him close to my heart. With only 4 months left of my Cornell career, I am still hoping to find the one and after all the great experiences here I still have confidence that he's out there and if all else fails there is always Yale! : )

Jim posted on Feb 15, 2012:

Freshman year. 1976 in U Hall 1. Jim and Margo. Married on campus in Aug 1979. Graduated 1980. Still going strong after all these years.

Steve M posted on Feb 15, 2012:

My high school sweetheart and I both went to Cornell in the AEM program. We stayed together the whole way through, and now work down the hall from each other! I asked her to marry me last May, and we are getting married at Sage Chapel this July! Love you AFR '10!

Ron Rohde posted on Feb 15, 2012:

We met as j-frosh walking back to North Campus on a dark winter night. "Do you know where we are going?" she asked. "North campus."I answered brusquely. Even though she wasn't talking to me, she noticed the boy in the ski jacket with pretty eyes. We eventually enjoyed daily dinners in RPU, working out on West Campus, spring break trips to Miami, and many more memories made at Cornell. Bethany Marmillo '06-- I love you.

Beverly Wegener posted on Feb 15, 2012:

I was 16, in a Cornell summer program for high school juniors and he was 19, a Cornelian taking summer courses. It was the Fourth of July, 1973 when we met at a square dance in the Memorial room of Willard Straight Hall. Using square dance lingo, he asked me, “Will you be my partner?” We were partners ever since: married 36 years and have two wonderful daughters. Almost every Fourth of July since, we come back to the Memorial room to celebrate our anniversary with our daughters where he asks me again “Will you be my partner?”

Seth M. Siegel '74 law '78 posted on Feb 15, 2012:

Our story begins a trifle less Than one-hundred years ago, With the health of Miss Jennie McGraw Oh, so terribly low.

The heroine of our story Was ill, as you'll soon see. In fact she was dying Of contagious TB.

The illness did not stop Cornell Librarian Mister Willard Fiske, Who said, "TB or not TB, I'll take the risk."

What did he see in her, This man so debonair? Could it be that she was A multi-millionaire?

Tho' Jennie was sick, dying And thirty-nine, The Cornell scholar asked, "Will you forever be mine?"

Willard pursued her in Europe, They were engaged in Venice, About the time Jennie's cough Became a public health menace.

At the Consul's home in Berlin, Jennie and Willard were wed. "Till death do us part," Willard merrily said.

They honeymooned in Paris And then cruised down the Nile. But the specialists warned darkly That Jennie had but a short while.

She declared, "We must return home At once! Immediately! Cornell and Ithaca are places I must again see."

Cornell had much interest In beloved Jennie's fate, As Big Red was the main taker In the poor one's estate.

As Jennie succumbed, her loved ones Called the mortician's black hearse. She was entombed in Sage Chapel, As each contemplated on her purse.

Her last Will was heard With few dry eyes, Each mourner waiting to hear the words, "I do bequeath and devise. . . ."

Fiske took much, Cornell took more, But this is where begins The jurisprudential war.

Here's some stuff for the lawyers Who love the irregularity: It seems that spouses were barred by law From giving so much to charity.

Fiske learned this, by The purest of chances, And also that Cornell tried to cover this up To improve its own finances.

It seems that Boardman, Estate's executor and Law School dean, Had hands which were Equitably unclean.

Fiske brought the battle in Tompkins County's Surrogate's Court, Where, we know, is the place That probate is fought.

Fiske lost at this low court And chose to appeal higher, All the while ranting at the dean, "Boardman! You're a liar!"

Forty-five Hun's Reports Page three-fifty-four Is where we find the appealed case "In Re Estate of McGraw."

Tho' Cornell won at the Surrogate's Court, On appeal, it came out worst. The New York Supreme Court wrote: "That decision is REVERSED."

Boardman and the Cornell trustees, Especially Henry Sage, Couldn't believe the court's report And flew into a rage.

In New York, it seems, there's a court Supremer than Supreme, So, the trustees went there To resurrect their scheme.

At the Court of Appeals, One-eleven New York sixty-six, The Cornell trustees continued to get beat And to take their licks.

After receiving the Court of Appeals' Affirming report, Boardman said, "Let's put our faith in Our US Supreme Court."

But when Boardman read, One-thirty-six US one-fifty-two, His mood turned from one of hope To one of sheer rue.

For the High Court held Against the Big Red, Tho' it took forty pages To say what they said.

Fiske took his wealth And retired to an Italian villa, Where he collected books, threw parties And was a regular lady-killa.

But if this story sounds unfair, Perhaps even cold, It's because the happy end Has not yet been told.

Willard's Will read at his death, Would everyone's respect compel, For he gave all his worldly wealth To his wife's beloved Cornell.

And now in Sage Chapel Rests the man said to have had no pride. And resting beside him for eternity, Is Jennie McGraw Fiske, Willard's only bride.

I hope you've enjoyed this Valentine's story, Which was less romantic than legal. It's been my pleasure to be your reporter, I'm Cornell-lover Seth M. Siegel.

Pandanther posted on Feb 14, 2012:

I don't know where to begin and any possible place that I could end. It is too simple to say that I merely met someone that I enjoy every minute with. The girl I met my senior year is unlike anyone else I have ever met. From even before we said hello for the very first time I was in awe. Two kart wheels, 20 techno songs and the not so usual chitchat later I couldn't think there was any person that was a better match for me; no one ever stood a chance against her. To this day she has become more than Id ever expect from anyone Id ever meet. I constantly wish I could start everyday waking up next to her and the days that I do I think I am dreaming because only my dream girl would actually be there laying next to me. Thank you Cornell for making my dreams come true!

V posted on Feb 14, 2012:

I never thought I'd fall in love with a Cornellian, let alone a Cornellian townie: it started with doing cartwheels at a blind date formal. And then it was our interests in music. Our walks around campus. And then it was never being able to run out of things to talk about. It became someone I could never imagine my life without, who I never would have met if we had not gone here. And even past graduation, the cartwheels/music/walks/talks/love continue. I never would have guessed that the four years I've spent here would have this effect on the rest of my life. Imagine that.

Abigail posted on Feb 14, 2012:

I met my boyfriend, hopefully soon to be fiance Josh at Cornell my freshman year. He was 2 years older than me and we first met at his fraternity''s halloween party. I had a very lovely cat costume, and he was dressed as a Big Red football player (how original...). We really clicked and have been together ever since. Ithaca was a great place to start a budding romance and we have created so many memories at Cornell that hopefully don't stop after I leave here.

FirstLady posted on Feb 14, 2012:

One of the many wonderful things I have gained from Cornell is this love story:

I still remember the first time we locked eyes. He was staring over at me. I was staring down at him from that weird platform box thing at Level B; it was the worst one, right below the precarious pipe on the ceiling. Actually, I guess we didn't really lock eyes because the disco ball laser beam was shooting into my corneas. Despite the obstacles, I could tell we would be seeing more of each other.

Soon I was off the box and making my way towards him. Some would say it was the magnetic love attraction that was pulling me towards him; others would say he was in between me and the bar. He charmed me right from the start. "Hey, let me buy you a drink." "Eh, that's ok," I said. "Nononono. Here here. What do you want. We do lemon drops." <3

After that it was difficult to get my hands off of him. Those lemon drops are loaded with sugar and really sticky and it's not like there are any wetnaps at the bar.

We spent the next hour together. We talked. We "danced." He dropped his entire glass of whiskey down his shirt. I thought to myself, "Ah, he smells like sophistication." Before we knew it the lights were turning on and we had to figure out what the future held for us. "Come with me. I can make you the First Lady of Pakistan." I was so taken aback. I mean, I'm an engineer not an international relations major, so I didn't even know if Pakistan had a first lady. Despite the bright future I know we could have had together, I knew that I had to leave him... my roommates were leaving and they had my wallet and keys.

Jenn Leeds posted on Feb 14, 2012:

First "met" my future husband, Rob Hess, in BIO101, when the prof yelled at me (in front of 200 classmates) for talking during his lecture. A year later we "met" again when I was in the townhouse he shared, stalking his hot roommate! We wound up in Tom Fox's genetics class together, and went to his Skull House (phi kap) formal together, as "just friends". That was 1989, and we have been together ever since! We have two wonderful sons, Tjaden age 13 (named after the Arts Quad building!), and Maximilian age 10. Thank you Cornell for bringing Rob and I together and for 22 wonderful Valentines Days, and many more!

Kristina posted on Feb 14, 2012:

I met my husband, David '85, in San Diego at a young alumni event I coordinated to meet fellow alums. I guess you could say the event was a success, because 18 years later we're still celebrating our love for Cornell and each other. Happy Valentine's Day to all my fellow Big Red alums!

Suzanne Heller Haber posted on Feb 14, 2012:

My husband, Neal Haber '75, and I spent the same four years on campus (our old 6-digit IDs are only numbers apart), and even took a class together (well, it was HDFS 115 in Bailey Hall, with 800 students), but we didn't meet while we were in Ithaca. I hung out with Aggie fraternity boys and he was active in the University Senate. Our paths never crossed.

But in 1978, new Cornell president Frank G. Rhodes came to NYC and spoke to the Alumni Association. At the cocktail reception that followed, I met (and gave my phone number to) two good-looking Cornell alums who had known each other since high school. I proceeded to date one of them (not Neal) and became good friends with the other. Although the dating relationship was short-lived, Neal and I saw each other often, even after he moved to Washington, D.C., and our friendship lasted for three years. Then he moved back to New York, and eight months later we were engaged.

We've been married almost 29 years and have two sons, one Arts '08 and the other CALS '12. That's our Cornell love story, and our Cornell family!

Molly posted on Feb 14, 2012:

Who knew that the Ithaca Farmers' Market could foster so much love? Let's just say that, for Pat and me, it was love at first bite. Burrito bite, that is. As a burrista at the Solaz burrito stand, I woud drag my hungover body at 7am on Saturday mornings with two of my best friends to make the best darn burritos this side of the Mexican border. As a regular, Pat ('09) just had to slip me his number on that dollar bill he was paying with, and of course I called him back. We've been dating ever since that fateful farmers' market summer (I keep him around by making homemade breakfast burritos!).

Wendy Gong posted on Feb 14, 2012:

Ithaca is cold, but that's why love keeps us warm. Elliott Back '06 and myself ('08 from college and '11 from grad school) got married two years ago. This is our sixth Valentine's Day. Cornell, thank you for teaching me academic knowledge, broadening my horizon of culture diversity, guiding me through the hardest period of life, granting me lifetime friendships, and most importantly the soulmate as well as husband.

I love you Elliott Back. I love you Cornell.

Mary Warner Webster posted on Feb 14, 2012:

My husband (Dale) and I met during Chem 101 lab the Fall of our freshman year. We were assigned to labs alphabetically (both W), and I remember that we were about the only two people in our lab that spoke English as a first language. we became partners, then friends, then got married after graduation in 1981. Thirty years later we are still going strong. Our son Graham is a senior in the Hotel School, and two other children (Grace- UNC Chapel Hill, Garrett- Virginia Tech). My parents, Fred & Sue Warner were also Cornell sweethearts ('55), and they are still going strong after 57 years! Guess the chemistry was right!

Emma Tall posted on Feb 14, 2012:

I found true love at Cornell on Slope Day '09! (yes, the Pussycat Dolls played that year...)

My soon-to-be husband, Robin Bigelow ('11), and I have the Cornell Global Health department and Sheridan Reiger ('10) to thank for our wedding this June! Robin and I met in a small global health seminar class sophomore fall. I remembered him because he's very tall and cute, and there were only 14 people in the class. The first time I saw him that spring he said "Hi Emily"... not love at first sight... But thanks to Sheridan's less-than-subtle wingmanning during Epidemiology class that spring, I got to know Robin a little more.

Finally, on Slope Day '09, Robin and I ended up sitting together in a musty bowl chair on my collegetown porch. And so began our relationship. Two happy years later, a few days before our graduation from Cornell, Robin proposed to me on a beautiful evening at the Plantations.

Robin, I can't wait to be married to you in June! And am so happy that we will be surrounded by great Cornell friends on that day!

Melanie Nesheim posted on Feb 14, 2012:

September of freshman year, 1982, North Campus 7 had a fire alarm at 1:00am. We all piled outside in bathrobes. A really nice guy struck up a conversation with me. I couldn't see his face clearly in the dark--there was a streetlight behind him--but I enjoyed the conversation and figured (hoped) I would run into him again. He seemed to come out of the same wing of Dorm 7 as I did. I never met him again.

Dorm 7 had a Halloween party. I had a crush on a senior who seemed interested in paying attention to me. But there was this guy with a sock over his head and glasses on over it--he was "The Man With No Face"--who discovered I was interested in science fiction. He kept wanting to talk to me about that. I'd run into this before, geeky guys who go nuts when they find a woman who reads Heinlein and Asimov. So I didn't get a good impression. I hung out with the senior, all starry-eyed, who the next day seem to have forgotten I existed.

Meanwhile, Bill, the geeky guy from the party, took me out to the Pancake House (on Beebe Lake, remember?) and skiing at Greek Peak and climbing with the Outing Club. I was just generally having a good time with him, fell in love, and we got engaged halfway through my junior year. He was a senior then. He asked my Dad for my hand in marriage! After asking me first, of course. I had WWII parents so this nod to the olden days was so sweet.

We've been married 30 years this year. We have 2 terrific adult children, 20 and 24. Our son runs restaurants and our daughter is a sophomore at Cornell and told me about this web spot. How cool.

Years into our marriage I told Bill the story of meeting this nice guy at the fire alarm freshman year, wondering how it was possible I never ran into him again. He said, "That was me!"

Marcella Mercatili Krauss posted on Feb 14, 2012:

I met my husband, Steven Krauss ILR '83, in Catherwood Library. He was working at the desk and I had to check out a reserved reading. We chatted and I gave him my number. I was a sophomore and he was a senior. For our first, and only, date we went to a Cornell football game. My idea of going to a game was to enjoy the "facetime" and have a hotdog. His idea was to actually watch the game. Needless to say, I did not accept any future invitations. Fortunately, we ran into each other four years later waiting to cross 53rd street in Manhattan. We have been married 23 years, have watched many sporting events together, and have two beautiful daughters, one who will be class of 2013!

Jaime Wasserstrom posted on Feb 14, 2012:

I posted last year about how I met Joshua Novikoff '03 at our 5 year reunion almost 4 years ago now! In December we got engaged and we are looking forward to getting married where it all began at Cornell this October!

`11 posted on Feb 14, 2012:

Anti-Love Story Here: I left the state to go to school in NJ. She went to Cornell, and I never told her how I felt about her. I knew that I couldn't do long-distance (rarely even going home for break), and the one terrific college summer I had with her reminded me that it just wouldn't work with me being away from her.

I've graduated and we're still hours away. Maybe the stars will align, but here's to my forever Cornell Crush.

Gail Wechsler posted on Feb 14, 2012:

My husband, Bob Cropf ('81) and I met in March of my junior year while I was sitting at a table collecting signatures for a petition for the Cornell Public Interest Research Group (Cornall PIRG). Bob signed my petition, started up a conversation with me, joined Cornell PIRG and, as they say, the rest is history. We've been married 26 years and have two wonderful children (and two lovable cats). Happy Valentine's Day to my wonderful husband and thanks to Cornell for geting us together.

Judy posted on Feb 14, 2012:

A Cornell Legend Comes True:

Cornelliana legend says that about 60% of Cornell students marry other Cornellians (although according to Uncle Ezra, in reality, the number is closer to 8%). During Orientation Week at Cornell, I remember reading about this legend in the Student Handbook, but the thought never occurred to me that I might meet my future husband there.

I had met Jack briefly at a friend’s apartment one random Friday night during my junior year, but honestly didn’t think much of the encounter. You meet a lot of people everyday in college, especially when you go to a school as big as Cornell.

A few days later, I was driving through campus during a terrible (but fairly typical) Ithaca snowstorm. Who knows why I thought it was a good idea to drive through campus in my little Passat during white-out conditions! I obviously lacked good judgment during my college years.

As I tried to drive up a hill near the Engineering Quad, my car got stuck in the snow. I tried every trick I knew to get my car to move, but it simply would not budge. There I was stuck in the middle of the road with not a single person in sight. How was that even possible at a school that big in the middle of the afternoon?

Of course, the cell phone that my Dad had given me just for emergency situations like this had a dead battery. And the only person I would’ve called, my housemate, Josh, wouldn’t be done with his shift at the Statler until the wee hours of the morning anyhow. I sat in my car thinking that someone HAD to come along eventually and hoping another car wouldn’t plow into me while I waited. There was literally not a single person in sight in any direction. Just as I was about to break out into hives and have a full-on panic attack, I spotted a person walking towards me. I remember wondering if I’d be bold enough to ask a stranger for help and then thinking, “Wait… I think I know this guy!” It was Jack.

After I awkwardly flagged him down, he got my car unstuck with so little effort, it made me feel foolish. I forget where I was going that day, but I never got there. Jack safely drove me back to my apartment, and we’ve been best friends ever since. Five years of marriage and one beautiful baby boy later, I now know that there are some upsides to those grueling Ithaca winters.

In retrospect, it’s pretty remarkable that of the nearly 20,000 people in Cornell’s student population, Jack was the one person walking through that part of campus that afternoon. I’d like to think it was fate. Either that or he was stalking me…

Alicia S. Torrey posted on Mar 10, 2011:

Carl Torrey '83, MBA '05 and I first met as student workers in the Campus Store in the summer of 1982. You could call us friends, but most of our free time at The Store was devoted to getting one another in trouble and arguing over which one of us hated the other one more. True love indeed.

Fast forward to my graduation in the spring of 1984. My roommate and I decided to host a graduation party -- Carl chipped in for the costs but was a no-show. He apparently "needed to study" or "finish a paper" or some similarly lame excuse. Everyone knows that Carl never studied and probably never finished a paper -- but that's another story entirely. I left the party to search for him in C-town and on campus, but I couldn't find him; he'd abandoned all of his usual "study" places -- the bars on Stewart Ave, the bars on Dryden road, etc. Still, he paid $10 and I wasn't about to let him pass up on his opportunity for a lobster party.

He was scheduled to work that Saturday at the Store, so I waited for him at the loading dock after his shift. I convinced him to join me for lobsters that evening and we watched the Knicks in the NBA playoffs. After that, we began to hang around together regularly and we had a great time. Our first official date was after graduation. We had champagne to celebrate at Oliver's downtown and during the toast, Carl said, "Just wait, one day I am going to show up at your doorstep and you are going to marry me." I didn't take him seriously -- he was always kidding. Besides, he would be off to Geology field camp soon and he would likely forget about me during those six weeks.

Carl finally called me from someplace in Wyoming that summer and we kept in touch. We arranged for me to visit him when he returned to Ithaca in August. We had a great time and I soon started falling in love with him. Time went by quickly and then it was the end of August and my birthday. This time the plan was for him to visit me at my parents in Merrick, Long Island. Carl visited the first week of September, and on September 8th, in my parents' backyard, he asked me to marry him. I said yes. A year later on September 7, 1985 we were married in Merrick, LI. We celebrated that day with friends from the Store who drove from Ithaca.

More than 25 years later and we still feel so lucky to have found each other. We have three wonderful children and love to spend time together as a family. Recently I underwent Deep Brain Stimulation surgery to help improve the symptoms associated with early onset Parkinson's Disease. Carl was there with me cheering me on, nursing me back to health and generally taking care of me just like he promised he would on that September night in 1984 in my parents' backyard.

Cameron Psiaki posted on Mar 6, 2011:

Tim ('07) and I met during orientation week of my sophomore (his freshman) year in 2003. I was immediately attracted to the tall, funny kid who played guitar, was a Townie, and claimed he had 8 siblings all the way down to a toddler sister. The next week at church he pointed them all out to me (except his brother who was studying at West Point) and be soon became inseparable--"running into each other" on the Slope, him skipping math class to have long lunches with me at the Big Red Barn, runs through campus, and late dinners in the dining hall after his crew practices ended. His dad is an Engineering prof and his family became my second family during my remaining years at Cornell. We went on hiking trips to the Adirondacks, spent the Fourth of July in Treman Park, traveled to many many crew races, and kept our relationship alive long distance while I did a semester in Spain. I graduated a semester early and moved in with his family while looking for a job, and started at Cornell University Press when I was supposed to be goofing off during senior week. Tim proposed that summer and we planned our wedding during his senior year. It was my dream wedding, with the ceremony at Sage Chapel and a lamplit tented reception on the Arts Quad one perfect summer night in 2007. We now have a beautiful daughter and visit Ithaca as often as we can from our new home in the Pacific Northwest. Cameron '06

Erica Edelman posted on Mar 2, 2011:

I had done poorly in the housing lottery after my freshman year. Though I had trepidations, I decided to check out a coop located at 517 East Buffalo Street. At that first meeting, a tall, blond young man with a sarcastic sense of humor caught my eye. When I joined the coop in the fall of my sophomore year, I learned that, lo and behold, I was assigned to be his cooking partner! And the rest is history....We have been married for 30 happy years and have three children who are the light of our lives.

Martha Warren McKinney posted on Mar 2, 2011:

Legacy of Big Red Love! My paternal grandparents, George and Mary (Whitson) Warren, met when he was studying under Liberty Hyde Bailey, and she was a student of Anna Botsford Comstock, a little more than 100 years ago. My parents, Stanley and Esther (Young) Warren, met as undergrads at Cornell in the 1920s. I met Boyd Herforth, the future father of my children, when we were undergrads at Cornell in the 1960s. My daughter, Anna Whitson Herforth, 4th generation Cornellian, met her future husband during her first week of freshman year. They now have a sweet baby girl whose Grammie is now plotting for a fifth-generation Big Red Romance!

Jennifer Cleland posted on Mar 2, 2011:

I was an undergrad at CU for three years, but met my husband here 30 years later. Having returned to Cornell as a Ph.D candidate in Romance Studies at the age of 40, I met Bob Stundtner, now Director of Project Management at CU, while he was managing the Sage Hall renovation. The story of coeducation at Cornell, and of the amazing renovation project that transformed the former women's living facility into the home of the Johnson Graduate School of Management are the subjects of our forthcoming book, "Sage Hall: Experiments in Coeducation and Renovation at Cornell University." Thanks Uncle Ezra!

Alice Johnson Fornari posted on Mar 1, 2011:

Victor and I met at a Halloween Party at a lake house via a mutual friend; we were both dedicated to a very fun final year at Cornell. Our romance continued all year and post graduation pursued our professional goals in separate cities in the North and South. After 2 years we reunited in NYC. We are approaching our 34th wedding anniversary this month with 3 wonderful children (none are Cornellians). It all started in Ithaca, a Cornell gift forever!

PJ posted on Mar 1, 2011:

I was the only girl in my organic chemistry lab - and I had a big crush on this tall, blond guy with wire rimmed glasses. I saddled right up to him during our chlorophyll extraction lab and asked what I thought was a very intelligent question, "what part of the spinach has the most chlorophyll?" I can't remember what Joe said - he was not too impressed. I used to head him off coming around Risley and walk to lab with him. I guess I chased him until he caught me - we've been married 39 years.

Marsha (Feltes) Signorelli posted on Mar 1, 2011:

I met my husband John Signorelli('69) at Cornell while we were undergrads. It was 1968 and I was living in Comstock House next to his fraternity, Theta Xi. I was dating one of the Brothers from Theta Xi and used to see John walking to class occasionally. My roommate told me he was a "loner" and made the girls who visited the frat house cry. When I finally met him at a party, I found out that thru the rough exterior, there lied a funny,smart guy who I fell in love with. We were married in Sage Chapel in June 1969 and 42 years later have 3 children( one a Cornellian, Jean '91) and 2 grandchildren. The outfits we wore in our wedding were even part of a costume exhibit at the Johnson Museum in 1991 and are still part of the Cornell Costume Collection today.

Nurul Mohamed posted on Mar 1, 2011:

Daniel '08 and I were hallmates in Jameson Hall freshman year. Though I'm Singaporean, whatever cultural differences between us did not get in the way of us clicking instantly. We soon became best friends, and eventually started dating Senior year. His proposal at Zaza's in Spring '08 was such a natural progression to our relationship, even amidst the uncertainties that laid ahead after graduation. After being apart for a year, with him working in Texas and me back in Singapore, we finally got married in Mar '09. Now living in Singapore, we hope to visit Cornell again soon and eventually move back to the US to a community as vibrant and beautiful as Ithaca.

Patrice (Ferguson) Shultes posted on Feb 28, 2011:

I met my husband to be freshman year in Cascadilla. Mark was an engineer looking for an intramural volleyball player. Despite having hurt my ankle halter-breaking stubborn heifers, told him I could fill position at least! The rest is history... got him to show a goat even at the livestock pavillion (in which he took a blue ribbon) and today we have three handsome boys!

Jennifer Seidel Ellsworth posted on Feb 28, 2011:

I met my husband David freshman year through work at Mann Library. I was a backpack checker (remember those?) and he worked at the front desk (I thought wow, that's a big job). We became friends after repeatedly leaving Organic Chemistry class the following fall, him walking to the Ag Quad and I hoofing it to the Food Science building for Microbiology. We would chat on the way, and then I asked him to go to the movies - Gandhi. Wonderful memories of walks around Beebe Lake, Cornell Plantations, and fabulous sunsets. We were married for 19 years after graduation, and had three wonderful sons together. In Michigan now so our sons are going to Michigan State University. We were lucky that David's parents live in Ithaca - we got to visit campus every year. David got his PhD in forestry at UW-Madison and is now a professor in Australia now. I have worked as a dietitian, and now have a new business with Rodan and Fields in addition to that work, which is exciting. I will always have fond memories of Cornell (there are seven alumni in my family) and miss my Beebe lake walks daily.

Mary Phillips posted on Feb 28, 2011:

On a Saturday night in January 1947 I went with my roommate to an openhouse at the Straight. I was sitting in one of those overstuffed chairs in the Memorial Room. Out of the crowd came a man who asked if I would like to dance. We dated for a year and a half, became engaged in 1948 and married in 1949. We both graduated in 1950. Our marriage lasted two weeks less than 60 years until Phil died. We had five children (four Cornellians with two Cornellian sons-in-law), nine grandchildren and two step-grandchildren. I have many happy memories of the years at Cornell.

Ernest & Elaine Cohen posted on Feb 28, 2011:

Elaine and I had met during our years at the Bronx High School of Science, since we live near each other and took the same bus across the Bronx. I was all set to go to Cornell, and she expected to go to Barnard, but Elaine was awarded a Cornell scholarship, and she changed her mind. Two years later, we were married, as Cornell undergraduates, and the rest is history. I stayed on to get a masters degree, and Elaine worked as a Chemist for the Pomology Department. Many years later, our middle daughter, Robin, got a masters degree from the Cornell Ag School..

Linnea (Larson) Linton posted on Feb 28, 2011:

Steve and I met in 1994 during a snowball fight, about midnight, during our first semester of exams. We had seen each other all over campus for about 3 months and started saying hi - even seeing each other in really random places at 3am. Mutual friends led us to hang out often, and we started dating that spring. Both being in civil engineering helped, too. Long story short, we were married in 2000 and have two amazing little boys.

Amanda (Messina) Clancy posted on Feb 28, 2011:

It was second semester senior year (2004), and the semester was almost over. I heard from a friend about a guy named Steve who had a crush on me in one of my classes - a class I had stopped attending weeks before (senioritis, perhaps?). The next day, I decided to go to class. He sat next to me, introduced himself, walked me home, asked me out, and from that point on we were inseparable.

We were married in September 2008 and are looking forward to spending our third wedding anniversary in Ithaca this year...and going back to John Thomas, the scene of our first date!

Sara Olson posted on Feb 28, 2011:

For the rest of my life, I'll always be thankful to Cornell for uniting me with the love of my life. Tommy ('05) and I met early in our freshman year one night at a party- but as I was in a long-distance relationship we remained friendly acquaintances the rest of the year. Come sophomore year, I auditioned for the same a cappella group he was in- giving me lasting recognition at callbacks as "Tommy's friend." So it went until junior year, when the stars finally aligned and we admitted our feelings- and had our first "date" in Jantzen's dining hall! Having to say our goodbyes the last day of senior year (jobs in 2 different cities) on the bench behind the Cornell Store is a memory I'll always have...particularly after 5 long years, mostly apart, and him proposing on that very same bench last April! We are thrilled to begin planning our wedding now, and thank Absolute a Cappella, that bench, and a good bit of liquid courage for playing a pivotal role in our Cornell romance!

Gail Taylor Hodges posted on Feb 28, 2011:

Jim '60 and I met in September 1958 at the first meeting of our section for Mario Einaudi's International Government 103. We started talking, and when it was announced that the section would not meet that day, Jim invited me for coffee. I told him "thanks," but I had to go buy a book I was missing for another class. A few days later, his fraternity, where he was social chairman, invited my house for what used to be called a "tea dance." Thus we met again, and 50 years later, will celebrate our 50th anniversary this June. So, you see, you can get more than government out of Gov. 103.

Hannah (Kern) Sandal posted on Feb 28, 2011:

Neela ('08) and I (also '08) actually met in high school in Kansas. After graduation, he went to Cornell and I went to the University of Kansas. We couldn't stand the time apart, so I applied to Cornell as a transfer student, and was accepted. During the next three years together at Cornell, Neela and I fell more and more in love. Our experiences at Cornell helped us grow and develop into adults in whom we discovered even more to appreciate and explore. During our senior year at Cornell, Neela proposed marriage. We were married shortly after graduation, and each year since then has brought increasing happiness in our relationship. We both fondly remember our days at Cornell in which this love blossomed.

Martha Schwardt & Douglas Baird posted on Feb 28, 2011:

February 4, 1953 was the culmination of the romance that started in the back of the Westminster Fellowship open truck when we were married in Anabel Taylor Hall. It's also the day that Martha got her bachelor's and Doug got his master's degree. Still going strong in Asheville, NC, with 4 children, 7 grandchildren and 1/3 of a great grandchild.

Rebecca Rathmill posted on Feb 28, 2011:

It was fall of senior year and I was recruited to be a wingman (wingwoman?) for my friend Tricia. We headed to Dino's (does that place still exist??) where she planned to meet up with Jon, a guy she was interested in. Jon had his own wingman that night too - Craig. Craig and I hit it off but didn't see each other again until the following February when we happened to ride in a mutual friend's car with a group heading to Boston for a Cornell / Harvard hockey game. We had a blast - kindred spirits from the get-go. We started dating soon after and finally (finally!) got married 7 years later in 2003. Here it is, 15 years later and it seems like no time has passed at all. We have 2-year-old son and another boy on the way (due May 2011). Cornell is always in our hearts! PS: Jon & Tricia are married now too! :-)

Ben Gray posted on Feb 28, 2011:

I met Jess Walden while running with High Noon from Teagle. She was finishing up her undergrad degrees in biology and entomology and I was finishing my PhD in biological engineering. We were married in May 2010. Thanks High Noon!

Tom Hirschmann posted on Feb 28, 2011:

Saturday, September 20, 1969 was the day I met my Cornellian wife. I walked into the living room of my fraternity, Delta Chi, on the night of my senior year "Freshman Tea," and immediately saw a girl, standing alone at one of the tables where the usual lame hors d'oeuvres were set out. What struck me first was that she was alone, not surrounded by a bunch of my fraternity brothers, not even one. I immediately concluded the reason for that, and gave voice to my brilliance by uttering the first words that ever passed between Sue and me, "Are you with the band?" Probably Sue gave me that look of disdain that beautiful girls can bring to bear with withering effectiveness on the poor imbecile they have had the misfortune to encounter. Fortunately for me, I was immune to that. We had our first date the next morning at Annabel Taylor Hall, at the Catholic mass. After Sue finished at Cornell and I at Notre Dame Law School, we married in June of 1975 and have raised three wonderful children, all of whom are Cornell graduates. There is not much good in my life that I cannot trace back in a straight line to my time at Cornell, and that is certainly true for the love of my life, my wife, Susan ('73).

Linda Chesman Byard posted on Feb 28, 2011:

I met Cory '66 in the newly created "Commons" in Anabel Taylor Hall where he offered to help me out in a chemistry course I was taking. I was never a stellar student in this area, but I guess there was a lot of chemistry between us. Married, we have been through a lot of life together, and I'm still crazy in love with this Cornellian. We live in Ithaca and if you walk across the path on the top of Libe Slope at sunset, you might find us still holding hands.

Eric Mesa posted on Feb 28, 2011:

My wife, Danielle, and I met at Cornell during the COSEP summer program. We spent a few hours in Risley Hall talking instead of studying and started hanging out constantly. September of that year we started dating. Now, ten years later, we're getting ready to celebrate our sixth anniversary.

Marti Reisman Sheldon posted on Feb 27, 2011:

My husband, Mark, and I met on a blind date arranged by the short-lived Campus Connections Dating Service in 1982-83. (The application fee for the service was $2.50, which along with the fact they hand-matched the dates, I am pretty sure was a major reason that it didn't survive.) Mark was a MechE grad student and I was a senior in CompSci in Engineering. We met right after the Holiday break on a freezing cold January evening at the Nines in College Town.

We broke the ice by finding a mutual friend at the Nines' bar, a Glee Club member - as Mark was also in CUGC, and I was a huge fan and always attended their concerts and afterglows. Mark and I are sure we had met at an afterglow or two, but were too shy to talk to each other. We also had most likely met in an Upson Hall computer lab where we both spent many hours, and/or at an Engineering Co-op activity - as I was a co-op and Mark was a TA for co-op classes in 1981. So I guess it was fate, but we just needed a little help.

We spent the term getting to know one another and fell in love. I interviewed for jobs around the country with an eye on California, where I had been a co-op, primarily because it met with Mark's long term plans. After dating for the remainder of the year followed by my graduation, we continued a cross country relationship for another year and a half. After Mark received his MS, he followed me to California where we continued our relationship. We celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary in August.

Celia Rodee posted on Feb 16, 2011:

I met Peter Cooper '80 my 2nd day on campus. We both had student jobs in Balch Dining and we were assigned the Pot Washing job. Those Cornell Dining jobs and being the prep team for Cross Country Gourmet taught us each how to wield a chef's knife and cook with industrial strength cookware for large crowds. Peter gave me my first corny valentine that year and by the next fall, we had started dating. Peter proposed to me his senior year and in 1982 we were married in Sage Chapel by Jack Lewis and regaled with a chimes concert following the ceremony and a reception in the Memorial Room at the Straight. 28+ years later we are still cooking together (often for very large crowds!) and we are still washing pots together!

Norman Testle posted on Feb 16, 2011:

My life with Idell has been wonderful since we met at the Straight in '74 and simply "got it on".Thank you Cornell.

Diana Weggler (Sunshine Lorenz) posted on Feb 16, 2011:

Bob Weggler and I met at the very first practice of the first ever Cornell Women's Rugby Team. He had been recruited to coach by his then girlfriend, and I showed up out of curiosity. We were both sophomores. We developed many mutual friendships through rugby and crossed paths many times over the next two years. In Fevruary of our senior year we began dating. Our first date was "The Goodbye Girl," with Richard Dreyfus, and our second date was "Saturday Night Fever." By Valentine's Day of that year we were officially "an item," and 33 years later are still together, with four children (one is a Cornell grad), two dogs, and a lifetime of memories to keep us warm.

Claire posted on Feb 16, 2011:

I remember going on the Cornell campus tour with my mother when we were looking at schools, and when we walked past Sage Chapel, the tour guide said that 30% of Cornellians marry other Cornellians. I have no idea whether or not that statistic is correct, but my mother and and I both thought it was a goofy thing to say.

Several years later, I went to a party at a friend's house off-campus and chatted with a friendly grad student. I was about to start my senior year, and he was in his first semester of grad school. The next day, he emailed a friend who lived at the house to ask for my phone number. I invited him to a potluck at my apartment, and he brought an apple pie and did all the dishes. That was good enough for me!

Jack and I dated for 6 years, got married in July 2008, and are expecting our first kid in about 2 months.

Walt Wills posted on Feb 15, 2011:

I met my wife-to-be, a Swedish scholarship student by the name of Birgit Janson, on a blind date at Wells College. Two years later, in 1960, we were married in Gothenburg, Sweden. Last summer we celebrated our 50th anniversary with our four kids and their families. We hope to celebrate our 60th over in Sweden.

Ashima posted on Feb 15, 2011:

My husband Krishna and I met at a mutual friend's barbeque in Sep '07 when he was in his first semester, and I was in my third [of Graduate School]. We slowly became friends, which turned into late night 'study' sessions either in Duffield Hall or the Lounge in Willard Straight Hall. In June of 2010 we got married and are still in Ithaca, working on finishing our individual PhDs. I often wonder if I had not come to Cornell... or if he had not come to Cornell... or if we had not intersected our times here... would we have met? My belief in fate tells me we would have, but meeting at Cornell makes it all the more special.

Shelley posted on Feb 15, 2011:

Ken and I met at Mann (he's told our story below), but the first time I *saw* Ken, he was dressed in full chain mail regalia with yellow-and-red tabard to promote the Cornell Gaming club during Freshman Week.

He's been my knight in shining armor ever since.

Mary Maxon Grainger posted on Feb 15, 2011:

Brad and I met as freshmen in 1975--it was very romantic as we were in non-major Biology lab (think dissecting fetal pigs!). Through the next four years we took many social science courses together and participated in many extra-curricular activities. Quite a few were surprised when we became engaged in Feb. 1979 since they didn't know we were in love, too!

Carolyn posted on Feb 14, 2011:

My boyfriend and I met in a Human Development Early Childhood Development Play Class. It was not love at first sight, but walking to class together, spending time playing with kids and being kids ourselves .... brought us together through laughter, long walks around ithaca, late study nights and lots of cooking dates.

Thank you Cornell & thank you Human Ecology!

Kate posted on Feb 14, 2011:

Chris and I met at a rush event for Phi Sigma Pi at Jansen's in 2005. He later became my "big" in the fraternity and we got to know each other as friends. It wasn't until the fall of my Junior year when we started dating, after a first date to the Four Seasons in Collegetown (which I of course didn't realize was a date until he paid for my dinner). Even though he graduated in December '06 and I didn't graduate until May '08 he stayed in Ithaca until I graduated and could begin a PhD program at Cornell. After adopting two dogs, buying a house in the area together, and getting the happy news that Chris would be attending Cornell Law School, we got married last July. Although Chris likes to point out that he'll graduate from law school 2 weeks before me, we'll at least be getting our second degrees from Cornell in the same year!

Michelle Manarina posted on Feb 14, 2011:

My husband, Christian, and I met through a mutual friend during our sophomore year at Cornell. We dated during our junior year, but after graduation we went our separate ways - me to California to Teach for America, and him back to his hometown of Toronto to pursue a Master's degree. Three years ago we reconnected via various online methods... two years ago we got engaged and I moved to Canada... and last summer we were married in Sage Chapel. We are now enjoying life as a married couple in Vancouver, BC. The lesson in our story: long distance relationships can work out, but only if you're both Cornell Alumni! ;)

Will Taylor posted on Feb 14, 2011:

We were both freshmen - I was from LA and she was from Brooklyn. We first met when she was visiting with friends at Ujamaa, and from that moment, I was struck right over the head with the love stick. I worked up the nerve to call her, and asked her out on our first date. We agreed to go ice skating, and being that I had only ice skated once before (and it was not a pretty sight), I accepted that I was not going to score many cool points on the ice. And on that fateful day, while I proceeded with my stumbling exercise all over the rink, I watched my dreamgirl float like an angel on the ice. Whatever personal embarassment I may have endured by a few chuckles and laughs from some of the more seasoned skaters, was completely relieved when my soon to be sweetheart told me on our walk back to North Campus: "you looked pretty cute out there." She agreed to go out with me on another date (no winter athletics allowed this time), and the rest is history... A few short years later (relatively speaking), I made Cherissa my wife, and today we have two beautiful daughters, who are each the living embodiment of our eternal bond.

James Choi posted on Feb 14, 2011:

My wife and I didn't meet at Cornell, though we are both Cornellians (I'm '00, she's '05). We met in my living room (in Virginia) during a get together at my place. To bring things back to Cornell, it turns out that I lived in the apartments above the restaurant where she would eventually work... we had our rehearsal dinner at that restaurant, got married in Sage Chapel, and had our reception at The Statler.

Jeanette Gasca (Perez) posted on Feb 14, 2011:

It all started with the Pre-Freshman Summer Program (PSP). On June 26th, 2004 all of the program advisors (something like an RA, but for the summer program) were to meet with the students on their floor and review the rules that were to be followed for the duration of the program. That's when I saw Juan for the first time, he was the PA for my floor and immediately caught my eye. Unfortunately, one of the rules was that program advisors were not to fraternize with the pre-freshmen (my thought at the moment: "there goes that idea")!

During the first couple of weeks Juan would make his rounds at night and every time he saw me in the common area he would try to make small talk, but it wasn't until about two weeks into the program that we had our first real conversation and you can imagine I was blushing like a 14 year old the entire time! After that first conversation we learned that we had a lot of things in common, including our faith. From that week on we would walk over to Mass (from North Campus to Sage Chapel) and during those walks we got to know more about each other and became close friends.

At the same time, Juan's father was battling cancer and Juan confided in me and relied on me for comfort away from home, further strengthening our friendship. Juan left the program for a few days in order to spend time with his family and that's when I realized that it was something more than friendship that was developing. It turns out that he felt the same way and we couldn¿t wait till the program ended to make it official!

Fast forward 6 ½ years and we're still together. We just got married on December 3rd and can¿t wait till we have little ones who will hopefully continue the Cornell tradition :)

Michael Sedayao posted on Feb 14, 2011:

To this day, Norine (Ng) denies meeting me on the 2nd day of Orientation in Fall 1979. I kept trying to talk to her and she kept ignoring me - no wonder it made no impact. Fortunately, fate smiled upon me and she turned out to be a good friend of Andy Sosa, fellow pledge and my future Best Man (and I was his). So, we did meet, just later Freshman year. At one party at the Quill/Dagger room, we danced - and I'd never felt so comfortable with one person. Over the next two years, we attended many group activities together - movies, clubs, dinners and eventually started dating at the end of our Junior year. We continued dating and eventually married in October 1990. When folks ask me what was the best thing about going to Cornell, the answer is easy - meeting my future wife, Norine.

Elisabeth (Borsy) Stonehill posted on Feb 14, 2011:

We met at WVBR when David was a freshman and I was the older woman - a junior. We became good friends. I graduated and moved away. But we kept in touch, and would occasionally see each other if we found ourselves in the same city (Ithaca or NYC and surrounds). I even tried to fix him up with my (Cornellie) cousin because he was such a great guy. Then it was David's turn to graduate. He came home to NYC for a little while before heading off for his job in the Boston area. Fourth of July - 1985, we went to see the fireworks over the East River. And fireworks there were! The rest is history. We married 3 years later, lasting through a long distance romance before we moved to be near each other. 22 more years have come and gone - he is still my best friend, with whom I share a home, our lives, and our three beautiful daughters.

Alison Brunger posted on Feb 14, 2011:

Jeff Hardgrove and I were on Cornell's campus for the same four years. Both of us graduated in '01, shared common friends (and even a 12-person History of Rock and Roll section senior year) but never actually met. Fast forward 9 years, when we finally met in true Ithaca style- on a wine tour. A sorority sister of mine who is a mutual friend rented a lake house and organized a wine tour for a bunch of us and invited Jeff, who lives in Ithaca (and who is also very brave, saying yes to a wine tour with 15 former sorority girls and very few men). We ended up next to one another on the bus, bonded over Finger Lakes Riesling at Chateau Lafayette Reneau, kissed while swimming in Cayuga¿s Waters, and have been together ever since. Even though we didn't actually meet in Ithaca until 2010, we think having a shared Cornell history makes our shared future that much sweeter.

Brenda Tobias posted on Feb 14, 2011:

I met my husband at Transfer Student Orientation in January 1995. We didn't give one another a second thought until he asked me out in October. We went to Ruloffs for "a" drink. The drink (then dinner) lasted for hours. We married exactly one year later.

Michael Hofer posted on Feb 14, 2011:

Me and my fiance didn't both go to Cornell, but we spent many weekends there during my four years at Cornell. We met at the end of high school and she visited Cornell from Syracuse (where she went to school) for many weekends. Our first Valentine's day together at Cornell was spent watching movies and eating at our favorite restaurant, Thai Cuisine! Neither of us will ever forget our weekends together at Cornell!

Gale Pryor posted on Feb 14, 2011:

I met Karl Leabo, '83 B.Arch., at the corner barstool at Rulloff's our senior year. He put his hand on my knee and wouldn't take it off. Twenty-five years and three kids later, his hand is still on my knee more often than not. My parents met at Cornell, too, when my father arrived at Alpha Phi to pick up a date and overheard my mother talking in the living room about diving on the reefs of Bimini. Both English majors, they married and became marine biologists.

Karen Wright Donnelly posted on Feb 14, 2011:

Bob and I have been married for 25 years, and our marriage is as strong as it ever has been. It was my senior year, and I was going to enjoy it. My sorority, Alpha Phi, was co- hosting a party with a fraternity. Well into the party I saw a good friend Matt standing with a tall, good looking guy. I went over and re-filled their beers (18 was legal drinking age). We talked a little, and I did something totally out of character for me. I asked Matt "How does your friend kiss?" He told me to find out, so I did. The rest is history. Now we have a daughter Kelly - a Junior in the Hotel School at Cornell, and Jenny - a Sophomore at the University of Connecticut!

Adam Tope posted on Feb 14, 2011:

Melissa Musiker (HumEc '03) and I met in the Fall of 2001 when we were both taking a semester away from Ithaca at the Cornell in Washington program. We fell in love with DC and eachother that semester and made it permanent by moving to DC together in 2005 and getting married in 2006. The corner of 22nd and O will always have a special place in our hearts.

Larry Newman posted on Feb 13, 2011:

Just like Caitlin posted about Patrick and her...Abby Gordon and I met freshman year in 1978 as we both lived in Donlon...3rd floor. We dated throughout college and married a year after graduation and now have 3 kids 13, 17, 21. A family tradition is that whenever anyone in the family goes on a matter how long or short. I just came home from a long weekend trip to train in a new prostate cancer treatment and we just finished sharing an awesome chocolate cream cake with dark chocolate flake icing.

Jill Stoller posted on Feb 13, 2011:

I met my husband (of 27 years!) when I was doing undergrad research and he had graduated and was working as a research asst. We fell in love doing research on snakes in a cold room in the Vet tower ¿

WJ posted on Feb 13, 2011:

Denise and I met in my senior year in High School in the 70's just before leaving for Cornell She came to visit occasionally and we attended great concerts like Stevie Wonder, Loggins and Messina, Joni Mitchell and we enjoyed many other fun times in the Ithaca area. We went our own ways after graduation and remained friends but eventually lost touch moving away, raising families and our careers. Many years later Denise¿s daughter expressed an interest in attending Cornell. Denise mentioned this to a mutual acquaintance that I had not seen in years. Afterwards he happened to run into me online and shared her contact information, suggesting that I call her to discuss Cornell with her since I was actively involved with the university. I contacted Denise and we talked about Cornell, life¿s twists and turns. We eventually met when I helped her move her daughter Elissa into Clara Dickson Hall in 2005. We have been together ever since. Our love was a long journey that started at Cornell and we had a 2nd chance to enjoy Cornell and find each other again. We still like visiting the campus and the great activities in the Finger Lakes.

Bob Everson '61 posted on Feb 13, 2011:

I met Barbara during orientation week in Sept, 1957. We were both Biochem majors. She had recently moved to Ithaca from Queens and I was from Staten Island. We had 4 years of classes together. It took me until March of 1958 before I asked her out- to a heptagonal track meet. The rest is history. Yes I did walk her around Beebe Lake as was mentioned in a book about the Cornell Plantations. We were married on graduation day following my commissioning as a Navy ensign at 8am and our graduation at 11. We took a midnight bus to Norfolk to begin our life together. We were back in '07 for a visit to walk around the lake again. We hope to make our 50th reunion in June. We have 3 grown children and 6 grandchildren.

Jeremy Klein posted on Feb 12, 2011:

I met my amazing girlfriend Deanna on my first day at Cornell, and we pretty much hit it off on the very start. We were floormates, so I knew I'd be seeing a lot of her. However, I found out the third day of orientation week she had a boyfriend back home. Ouch. We continued to be really good friends of course, since nothing ever happened, but I always had feelings for her. I eventually gave up on her after a year, but she ended up breaking up with him the fall of our senior year. To make a long story short, we started dating just before the semester ended, and have been together ever since. No matter how terrible it was liking her all that time when she had a boyfriend, the years we've spent together have been fully rewarding. Hopefully, we'll be getting married someday!

Deborah Turton posted on Feb 12, 2011:

Les and I met in 1985 at the Cornell Catholic Dating Club - otherwise known as the Folk Group. I made sure he was going out with our group to a showing of Star Wars on campus where I made snide comments as the film showed. He laughed. I was smitten. that was followed by a Mardi Gras party on Campus. After summers spent on campus, he proposed at Sunset park. We've been together for 25 years. Thanks Cornell

Caitlin posted on Feb 12, 2011:

My boyfriend Patrick and I met freshman year when we lived on the same floor of Donlon and we started dating sophomore year. After graduation, I moved back home to Chicago to go to law school and he moved back to his home town of Toronto to take a job at an actuarial firm. Six years later (after successfully making it through 3 years of dating long distance), we are still going strong and I am beginning the process of moving up to Toronto to live with him (& to try my hand at Canadian Law). The way we see it, this is only the beginning of our "Big Red Love Story" <3

Ashleigh Walker posted on Feb 12, 2011:

I first met Wes on his recruiting trip for the Varsity swim team. I was a junior on the team at that point and good friends with his brother who was a sophomore on the team. We started dating the following year in the spring of 2006 (yes, I was a senior and he was a freshman). We kept in touch after I graduated and while I started vet school at UPenn, which turned into a distance relationship of 4 years. After graduating, Wes got hired as an assistant coach for the men and women's varsity swimming teams.

During my 4th year of vet school, I came to a home meet vs Brown. The head coach, Joe Lucia, asked if he could talk to me at the end of the meet. He gave me an envelope with a #1 on it. Inside was a clue that led me on a scavenger hunt on Cornell's campus with friends at each stop to give me the next clue... Collegetown Bagels, the Palms, Phi Psi (Wes' fraternity), Pi Phi (my sorority), and then to the suspension bridge. When I pulled up to the suspension bridge, Wes was standing alone in the center. It was there that he got down on one knee and proposed to me! We then went to the Boatyard Grill for dinner where I was surprised with both of our families and friends from the scavenger hunt there to celebrate with us!

We met, went to school, swam, fell in love, and got engaged at Cornell, so we felt that it was only appropriate to get married there too. Wes and I can't wait to get married at Sage Chapel on July 30th this year!

Dan Opel posted on Feb 12, 2011:

I met my fiancee Meg Sofen '09 before she even started at Cornell, the summer before her freshman year and my sophomore year. A mutual friend introduced us at our lake houses in Wisconsin, where she had been vacationing every summer (and where I lived) her entire life. I knew it was love at first sight. We started dating a few months later, and have been literally inseparable ever since! We now both live in Chicago and are getting married this summer, in the same spot in Wisconsin that is so special to us, and can't wait for the mini Cornell reunion with all our friends!

Dan Opel '08

Larry Epstein posted on Feb 12, 2011:

I met Karen Hasby '77 at WVBR in 1975. She was a newscaster and I was a DJ. We started dating in 1976. We got married in 1982 and this year we are celebrating our 29th wedding anniversary. Of all the very good things that happened in my life because of Cornell and WVBR, meeting her has been the best by far!

Linda Merrill Ely posted on Feb 12, 2011:

Rick and I met on the last Thursday night of classes my senior year at the North Forty. He had just returned to campus to finish his degree after spending a year as a merchant seaman, so it was lucky our paths crossed. We spent a wonderful June (summer in Ithaca is perfect!) before I went to work in New Jersey and ended up commuting back and forth between various places until getting married.

Laura Fabry-Morgenfeld posted on Feb 11, 2011:

Brad and I were in the same major, ChemE, and class and knew each other from freshman year when we were in the same ChemE intro course. We didn't really become friends until junior year, but after that we spent lots of time together with our group of friends. We didn't start dating until a month before the end of school in 2006, but we've been together ever since. We moved to Connecticut together and now we're married and even working for the same company. We're still close to our cornell friends and our wedding party was 3/4 Cornell ChemEs.

Suzanne Simonetta posted on Feb 11, 2011:

I met my husband at Balch Dining in 1992 while having dinner with the Casa Italiana. He lived in the Italian House at Sage Hall and I wanted to practice speaking and sought out the Italian House upon the advice of my Italian professor. We've been together ever since-- married for 11 years, and parents of a beautiful 3-year old son.

Ed posted on Feb 11, 2011:

Rebecca and Ed worked for Cornell for five years, but never met one another. Then, in summer 2006, we were introduced in the Cornell Building at the annual Empire Farm Days in Seneca Falls, by Rebecca's brother Jacob - '01, and also a Cornell employee. We talked for about 20 minutes. After that, we ran into each other a few times at work meetings and events. We decided to go out for dinner. We were married in June 2008.

chuck samul posted on Feb 11, 2011:

my wife Pam did not attend Cornell (Sarah Lawrence). Not long after we met i was encouraged by others to attend my 10th reunion. I brought her along and we had a wonderful time - even stayed in my old dorm! later that summer we ended up in the marine mammals program at shoals marine lab. by that point we were in love and 23 years, 1 child, 1 dog, numerous cats and 6 or is it 7 or is it 8 houses later here we are....

Steve posted on Feb 11, 2011:

I met Christine on a dive float in the summer of 1982 at the Shoals Marine Lab while she was a student in Underwater Research. She couldn't get one of her dive gloves on, turned around, and caught my eye for some help. Two years later, I proposed to her on the porch of the old Coast Guard building (now Bartels Hall), as the Ithaca band Desperado played in the Commons.

We celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary last August. I feel like the luckiest guy on the planet.


Adam Sappern posted on Feb 11, 2011:

We met at a 'Freshman Tea' at my fraternity (oddly enough there never was any tea). I gave her a ride home for the holidays that next weekend and bang, eight years later, Margot Davis (HEC '84) married me. Twenty-one years later, two kids (eldest just got accepted to Cornell Class '15) and still going strong. Now, about that tuition increase...

Ken posted on Feb 11, 2011:

We met during a shared shift at the Mann Library Microcenter in 1988, had our first date night watching "The Running Man" at Annabel Taylor Hall, and dedicated many a raunchy song to one another via WVBR's weekly "Night at the Asylum" show.

A couple years later we got engaged while out at the Shoals Marine Lab, on an evening illuminated by what is still the best sunset I've ever seen.

We both joined the Cornell workforce for several years, left for a decade in LA, came back to Ithaca and Cornell, and now have two very young daughters who love their Cornell cheerleading outfit and having lunch occasionally in the student unions.

Kaitlin Mallouk posted on Feb 11, 2011:

I met my husband, Seth Watts '05, at an Engineering Peer Advisor's BBQ during our sophomore year at Cornell. We talked for a bit, he made me laugh, then I ran off to take care of something inside Olin Hall.

We turned out to be in the same math class that semester and we became homework buddies. I thought he was brilliant because he always had the homework done before we met up to work on it (I later learned that this was just one of his moves to get me to like him). We started dating towards the end of that fall, and then I got scared and broke up with him. We remained friends throughout the rest of our years at Cornell and went our separate ways (me to Philadelphia, him to Albany) after graduation.

8 months after graduating we planned a trip to Colorado to see my cousin perform in an play. Our flight was canceled and we spent the weekend hanging out. After he returned to Albany that Sunday night, I did some soul searching and decided I wanted to give a relationship with Seth a shot.

We dated long-distance for a year and a half before moving to Urbana-Champaign, IL to attend graduate school together. We bought a house, got a dog, and got married. We've both changed a lot since that first time we dated, but I can honestly say there's no one else I'd rather be experiencing life's highs and lows with and I'm grateful to Cornell for bringing Seth and me together.

Joyce Maggio posted on Feb 11, 2011:

When I met my husband, it was love at first sight. That was almost twenty-five years and two kids ago. It was only later that I discovered that he had been at Cornell in grad school a few years before I was there as an undergrad. It must have been those big red Cornell hearts of ours that drew us to one another!

Katie Mason posted on Feb 10, 2011:

My fiance and I met at none other than the infamous Dunbar's. It was one of the first Tuesday evening's back for second semester our senior year and a he was hanging out with a mutual friend. She introduced us and we hit it off. After a few facebook posts and help from friends we started dating.

We went to Stella's for our first Valentine's Day and try to go back for dinner whenever we are in Ithaca.

Colin Heffernan posted on Feb 10, 2011:

I met my lovely wife Alexys in our freshman writing seminar. Intro to Drama with McMillen.

We started dating sophomore year and were married in Sage Chapel in 2007. We just had our first child last September!

Fay Palma posted on Feb 10, 2011:

During the years of single sex dorms, my Mary Donlon floor and Ron's men's dorm floor co-hosted a freshman orientation mixer at Donlon. He asked me to dance, stepped on my foot a couple times, then suggested we talk instead of dance. We sat on the steps talking until curfew. That was it - - love at first sight! We've been married 44 years! We have wonderful memories of walking the gorge pathways together, playing in endless snow, and much more.

Adam Warren posted on Feb 9, 2011:

Priscilla and I were both new Freshmen when we met during orientation. We stayed in the same dorm and always had a connection. That connection blossomed into a wonderful relationship and we have now been married for almost 10 years. Our first date was on Valentine's Day when she invited me to a movie and bought me a Ring Pop. To this day, we watch The Wedding Singer on Valentine's Day and reminisce about our first date 13 years ago in Ithaca.

Lyla Rudgers posted on Feb 9, 2011:

I actually met my fiance in high school, but we originally attended different universities. After falling in love with the campus during his freshman year visits to Cornell, Dan transferred in and became a Cornellian too! He quickly jumped into campus activities, joining a fraternity and ROTC. Junior year his fraternity big brother started dating my sorority sister and roommate (of all four years of college), they quickly fell in love and are now married. We're in eachothers weddings and are the best of friends, it couldn't have worked out more perfectly!

Judy Fabuss Ross posted on Feb 9, 2011:

Brad and I met at a fraternity party on a cold January day. I gave him only my first name and told the friend I had gone to the party with that if he could actually find me again, he 'deserved' a date. Our first date was the Superbowl in January 1983. We've now been married 26 years and have 2 beautiful sons. One is a Sophomore in the Cornell Engineering school. The second is a high school senior who will be attending the hotel school in the fall. A true Cornell love story.....

Theodore Casparian posted on Feb 9, 2011:

I was taking HDFS 315 (Human Sexuality) in the Fall of 1981, which has a lecture and a section. During the first section meeting, we were supposed to introduce our seat neighbor and tell the group where they would like to be and with whom, if given the choice (desert island w/ movie star, etc.) as an ice breaker. An attractive woman I had already noticed across the room was introduced as wanting to be in Nantucket (my home) which further piqued my interest. When her neighbor further explained that she wished to be there with her boyfriend, I dramatically made an "oh damn, I lose " expression and gesticulation. I made sure that she noticed this. Soon thereafter (within the week?) as I was waiting outside Uris G-1 for the lecture to begin, this same woman came up to me and started a conversation. We soon made a plan to study for an upcoming test and I noted that she was an excellent student in this field (human sexuality, and no, I was not making a joke. She had a real academic grasp of the subject) despite the fact that she was a French major. Within time, the boyfriend was summarily dismissed, her school and major changed (Hume Ec, HDFS), she earned a Ph.D. in Educational Leadership in Human Sexuality, we married and are still ecstatically in love after thirty years, and the second of our three wonderful children is a freshman in the College of Arts and Sciences.

Christa Cady posted on Feb 9, 2011:

I was struggling with my German class and knew Nate was also taking German. I innocently asked if he would be my tutor and he not so innocently agreed. After a few tutoring sessions we starting hanging out more. Nate being a Vermont boy and me a city girl I asked if he would take me on a night walk to see some deer. Lucky for him we spotted some on the golf course near North Campus. And that is where it all began. We have been married 7 1/2 years and have a 2 1/2 year old son who only cheers "Go Cornell" no matter what sporting event he is watching and no matter which teams are playing (usually not Cornell at all).

Leslie Bulion posted on Feb 9, 2011:

Rubin was friendly with one of my freshman hallmates, Debbie. We rented one of those sprawling, 8 bedroom houses sophomore year, and Debbie pulled Rubin into the rental where he shared the basement apartment with a grad student who was quite a character. Even though he lived downstairs, I hardly saw Rubin that year--he studied a lot. Our first dates were unfair squash matches during the spring of our junior year. I'd be diving around the court like a crazywoman, and he was so tall he could stand in the middle and practically reach every wall without moving. I liked him anyway. 29th anniversary coming up.

Jaime Wasserstrom posted on Feb 9, 2011:

Although we had a ton of friends in common while we were students at Cornell, Joshua Novikoff '03 and I never met in our four years in Ithaca. I moved to NY for law school and Josh moved to DC. Fast-forward to our 5 year reunion. Josh and I met at the Palms the first night of reunion, we hit it off that night but didn't really see each other too much for the rest of the weekend. However, Josh was coming up to New York for July 4th weekend and we made plans to meet-up. We saw each other several times in New York, I came down to DC...and after about a year and a half of back and forth I moved to DC.

Shanna Deng posted on Feb 9, 2011:

Tom and I went through 4 years of Cornell never meeting each other as he is an engineer and I am Arts and Sciences. However, after graduation I worked for the University and Tom came to an alumni event that I was running. He laughed at my jokes so I was hooked. We started emailing, talking on the phone and he started driving down to Ithaca a lot more often :) We've been married 6 1/2 years and have two fantastic children together. They are future Cornellians for sure!! I still have the email I sent him to invite Albany alumni to a dinner program--that's where it all started.

Michael Cohen posted on Feb 9, 2011:

When I first arrived at Cornell I moved temporarily into a room of a colleague's apartment. When I found a fully furnished house to move into, I left behind my bed and other furniture. A beautiful new grad student arrived from Germany and moved into the room (and my old bed). I had to go check on the bed, right? 28 years later we are still married and parents of a beautiful 13 year old German/American daughter.

Heather Weitzel posted on Feb 9, 2011:

Bryan and I met on a canoeing Wilderness Reflections trip in August of 1995. Upon returning to campus, Bryan asked me out for our first date - ice cream at Oliver's in Collegetown. We dated all through college and married in June of 2000. Ten years and three children later, we still love to come back to campus for reunions.

Rachel Peris Ash posted on Feb 9, 2011:

Back in the 80's my dad used to recuit MILR graduates from Cornell and worked closely with their long-standing career director, Karin Ash PhD '99. He encouraged my brothers to come up with him on recruiting trips - they ended up going to Cornell, as did I 5 years later. As a A&S Psych major, when I was a junior, I met with Karin to hear her career story and get a sense of the ILR/OB/HR world. I stayed in touch w/Karin and when I landed in '02 in the then Metro NY Cornell Alumni Affairs & Development office in Manhattan, I told Karin I was back w/Cornell. She mentioned that her son had just graduated and was job networking so connected him to come see me to learn about ways to get involved with local alumni and events. 6 months later, Ethan Ash was working in our office and we hit it off - first discreetly. We then went onto different organizations, stayed together while I came back to Johnson for business school, got engaged during my first semester, married at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden in July '06, moved back to Ithaca in the fall of '08 and had our son, Eli, in October 2009. My life has been much more about the Big Red and Ithaca than I could have ever imagined.

Ed Killackey posted on Feb 9, 2011:

Just over 28 years ago I met a gorgeous girl during an orientation "ice cream spree" in the lobby of Ecology (Hurlburt) House. Though Candie was a year ahead of me, I was five years older, back in school for an Engineering degree. We dated steadily for three years. Candie stayed on in Ithaca and a week after my graduation we married in Sage Chapel! We had our reception at an antique B&B near Buttermilk Falls. Though broke college grads, we danced to the band Candie won as the grand prize at a bridal expo. My older son attends Cornell now, and every time we visit, he hears (yet again) all about the wonderful courtship my wife and I enjoyed amidst classes and the tolling tower bells.

Marc Weissman posted on Feb 9, 2011:

Dina '87 and I actually met playing Sun hockey @ Lynah the night Joe Nieuwendyk played his last game (2/28/87). I remember thinking that night "this is the girl I'm going to marry." After one more year together in Ithaca, we long-distance dated b/w NJ & CT, were married in Newtown, CT on 11/10/91 and stayed together 19 years and 40 days - exactly! For 7 of those years, we shared the best BIchon Friese ever - named Baron von Ezra. We even used to take Ezra up to Ithaca and pose him next to his namesake's statue for a cute photo. Fortunately, Dina and I remain more-than-excellent friends and it's all thanks to the Big Red! FYI: my next dog will be named "Lynah Rose"...

Priscilla Martinez posted on Feb 9, 2011:

Adam and I met at Cornell in 1997. I was from LA and he was from the south. We were drawn to each other. We shared many wonderful and stressful times :) together at Cornell. The year we were to graduate, he proposed to me. That spring break we eloped (crazy kids) and have been married 10 years come March. I love Cornell for many reasons, especially this one.

Oksana Yuzefovich posted on Feb 9, 2011:

Thanksgiving Break, 1995. We both took a College Express Bus going home, though from different parts of campus: North for me, West for him. He sat across an aisle from me (with my friend whose name I cannot remember in between). After a short while he asked to see a Time magazine with a story on Beatles anthology release I was reading. We talked while sharing the ride to Baltimore, where he got off. I continued to Washington, D.C. Sat together on the ride back. Became good friends at Cornell. After 4.5 yrs got married. :-)

Kristyn Benzinger Whitney posted on Feb 9, 2011:

I'm a little embarrassed to admit it, but on graduation day, my best friends and I said, "well, I guess we didn't meet our future husbands at Cornell!" Little did I know mine was sitting on the field that day, too. I met Scott Whitney '90 in Los Angeles in October 1991 through Cornell friends I made after moving there a few months earlier. We were married at our 10th Reunion at the Taughannock Falls overlook, and last June we returned to our 20th Reunion with our two kids in tow. They love it there each time we go, and I have to say, sharing the same Reunions with my husband is a wonderful thing! Since our special day often falls during Reunion weekend, Scott will give me a PMP from Hot Truck instead of roses and champagne. What's not to love about that?!?

Mandy Menzer posted on Feb 9, 2011:

I met my husband the very first day of orientation. We both lived in Mary Donlon Hall, and met through my roommate whom he had previously known. I always tell people that the very first conversation we had was "Hey, Is Sarah here?" To which I replied "no." Fortunately we had many more conversations later and were married shortly after graduation in May 2000.

Jennifer Campbell posted on Feb 8, 2011:

One of the original Cornell love stories: Jennie McGraw and Willard Fiske