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PCCW Faculty Grants and Initiatives

PCCW has contributed over $950,000 to research by Cornell’s junior women faculty, and supports numerous other faculty-related initiatives as well. It is our privilege to help advance the cutting-edge research that makes Cornell a world-class institution while also promoting the careers of gifted women professors.

PCCW Affinito-Stewart Grants

Named for PCCW’s founders, Lilyan Affinito '53 and Patricia Carry Stewart '50, the Affinito-Stewart Grants support the advancement of Cornell junior women faculty by funding their research and other academic projects critical to the tenure process.

The 2015-2016 Affinito-Stewart Grants awardees are:

Ludmilla Aristilde
Biological / Environmental Engineering
Ilana Lauren Brito
Biomedical Engineering

Pamela Chang
MIcrobiology and Immunology

Heather Huson
Animal Science

Athena Kirk
Julilly Kohler-Hausmann

Jamila Michener

Katja Nowack

Jeongmin Song
MIcrobiology and Immunology

Gerlinde Van de Walle
Baker Institute for Animal Health

Elia Tait Wojno
Baker Institute for
Animal Health

Roseanna N. Zia
Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering


Information on past Affinito-Stewart Grant recipients is available here.

PCCW Leadership Endowment Funds

The PCCW Leadership Endowment was established in 2000 to provide grants that prepare Cornell women for leadership.

Examples of faculty-focused PCCW Leadership Grants include support for:

  • Conference: “Empowering Women in Science and Engineering (EWISE): Defining your Career and your Pathway to Leadership" (2013-2014 Office of Faculty Development and Diversity )
  • Leadership Development Program for Tenured Faculty (2012-2013 Office of Faculty Development and Diversity)
  • Mentorship Program for Women in Radiology (2012-2013 Weill Cornell Medical College)

Information on past PCCW Leadership Grants recipients is available here.

Andrew D. White Professors-at-Large

Andrew D. White Professors-at-Large is a Cornell program that engages outstanding intellectuals from across the globe as full members of the Cornell faculty under the title Andrew Dickson White Professor-at-Large. During the six-year appointment, each Professor-at-Large visits the Cornell campus for about a week in each three-year period while classes are in session, with the mandate to enliven the intellectual and cultural life of the university.

In 1993, PCCW endowed a PCCW Andrew D. White Professor-at-Large to ensure that exemplary women scholars are always included in this prestigious program, thus guaranteeing that women’s perspectives have a permanent place in the intellectual exchange on campus. The current PCCW Andrew D. White Professor-at-Large is Margaret McFall Ngai. Previous PCCW honorees are Natalie Angier, Wendy Wasserstein, Mae Jemison, and Juliet Mitchell.

More information about Andrew D. White Professors-at-Large is available here.


PCCW members interested in getting involved in faculty-focused initiatives should contact the Grants Committee.

Faculty members interested learning more about PCCW grant opportunities should contact Mary Faber.