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Cornell Happenings Around the World

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Special and Cyclical Events

Asia-Pacific Leadership Conference
Annual Flagship Event in Asia

Student Send-Off Events
Worldwide every summer


Zinck's Night Events
3rd Thursday every year | Thursday, October 20, 2016


Cornell Women's Network Events
Annually in January worldwide


Hong Kong Sesquicentennial Event 
Hong Kong | December, 2014 

London Sesquicentennial Event 
London | May, 2015


Upcoming Events


Cornellians in France Will Join Penn For An Ivy+ Happy Hour
Mar 2, 2017, Paris, France

Hong Kong

Hike for Hospice
Feb 26, 2017, Hong Kong

AAP Tertulia in Hong Kong
Mar 24, 2017, Hong Kong

Conference on Sustainability in Asia: April 2017
Apr 6, 2017, Hong Kong

Leading Change and Innovation: Big Red Inspirations and Insights
Apr 8, 2017, Hong Kong


Reception with Dean Rohit Verma
Feb 27, 2017, Kyoto, Japan


3rd Mountain Weekend in Pontresina
Jul 15, 2017, Pontresina, Switzerland

United Kingdom

Johnson's Predictions Event
Mar 1, 2017, London, UK

The 25th Annual All Ivy Plus Winter Reception
Mar 24, 2017, London, UK

EMEA Regional Meeting in London
Jun 15, 2017, London, UK

Past Events

Cornellians will join SHU and Miami U in Luxembourg
Feb 23, 2017

International Location: Luxembourg

Chinese New Year Dinner in Sydney
Feb 23, 2017
Sydney, Australia

International Location: Sydney, Australia

Dr Bernd Wollschlaeger Shul Lectures Motzei Shabbat
Feb 18, 2017
Tel-Aviv, Israel

International Location: Tel-Aviv, Israel

Cornell Alumnae Networking Tea and Discussion
Feb 11, 2017
London, UK

International Location: London, UK

Dinner with Prof Hirokazu Miyazaki
Feb 10, 2017

International Location: Singapore

Cornell Club of the Philippines Dinner
Feb 10, 2017
Manila, Philippines

International Location: Manila, Philippines

Alumni Gathering in Mumbai
Feb 10, 2017
Mumbai, India

International Location: Mumbai, India

Cornellians in Colombia Networking Event
Jan 26, 2017
Bogota, Colombia

International Location: Bogota, Colombia

Cornellians with join Harvard's New Year Event
Jan 23, 2017
Tokyo, Japan

International Location: Tokyo, Japan

Cornell Club of Korea New Year's Dinner 2017
Jan 22, 2017
Seoul, Korea

International Location: Seoul, Korea

Botanical Feast with Christopher Dunn
Jan 18, 2017
Hong Kong

International Location: Hong Kong

Carl Laubin: A Sentimental Journey
Jan 16, 2017
London, UK

International Location: London, UK

The Cornell Club of Thailand's Meeting with Dean Eduardo PeƱalver
Jan 12, 2017
Bangkok, Thailand

International Event: Bangkok, Thailand

Visiting Professors in Israel
Jan 9, 2017
Tel-Aviv, Israel

International Location: Tel-Aviv, Israel

SOAPCYCLING - Hong Kong Cornell Cares Day 2017
Jan 7, 2017
Hong Kong

International Location: Hong Kong

Johnson Club of China 2016 Beijing Trifecta Reception
Dec 25, 2016
Beijing, China

International Location: Beijing, China

Ivy League Holiday Ball
Dec 17, 2016
Taipei, Taiwan

International Location: Taipei, Taiwan

Cornell Club of the UAE's Holiday Gathering
Dec 9, 2016
Dubai, UAE

International Location: Dubai, UAE

BIG RED Thanksgiving Horse Racing Dinner 2016
Nov 23, 2016
Hong Kong

International Location: Hong Kong

Private Viewing: Carl Laubin: A Sentimental Journey
Nov 22, 2016
London, UK

International Location: London, UK