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Cornell Happenings Around the World

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Special and Cyclical Events

Asia-Pacific Leadership Conference
Annual Flagship Event in Asia

Student Send-Off Events
Worldwide every summer


Zinck's Night Events
3rd Thursday every year | Thursday, October 20, 2016


Cornell Women's Network Events
Annually in January worldwide


Hong Kong Sesquicentennial Event 
Hong Kong | December, 2014 

London Sesquicentennial Event 
London | May, 2015


Past Events

Zinck's Sydney Australia
Oct 20, 2016
Sydney, Australia

International location: Sydney, Australia

Grand Windmill Farm Family Wild Day Out!
Sep 17, 2016
Hong Kong, China

International location: Zhongshan

EGBOK – Dinner for a Cause
Sep 15, 2016
London, England

International location: London

Cornell Club of Japan's Annual Summer Family Event
Sep 4, 2016
Tokyo, Japan

International location: Tokyo

Cornell Club of Switzerland Lake Biel Hike
Sep 4, 2016
Lake Biel

International Event: Switzerland

Cornell Club of Shanghai Hot Topic: Cornell Cares!
Aug 28, 2016
Shanghai, China

International location: Shanghai

Cornellians in Sydney Ivy League Table
Aug 25, 2016

International Location: Sydney

Cornellians in Jarkata joining Ivy+ peers
Aug 23, 2016
Jakarta, Indonesia

International location: Jakarta

Johnson Club of Mexico Reception with Dean Dutta
Aug 23, 2016
Mexico City, Mexico

International Event: Mexico City

Cornell Club of Taipei Student Send-Off
Aug 15, 2016
Xuan Bar

International Location: Shanghai

Cornell Club of Paris Student Send-Off
Aug 15, 2016
TBA, Paris

International Location: Paris

Cornell Club of Dublin Student Send-Off
Aug 15, 2016
TBA, Dublin

International Location: Dublin

Cornell Club of Taipei Student Send-Off
Aug 15, 2016
TBA, Taipei

International Location: Taipei

Cornellians in Peru: New Student Send-Off 2016
Aug 13, 2016

International Location: Lima

Cornellians in Shenzhen Student Send-Off
Aug 7, 2016

International Location: Shenzhen

Cornell Club of Hong Kong's New Student Send-Off 2016
Aug 6, 2016
Hong Kong

International Location: Hong Kong

Cornellians in Turkey New Student Send-Off
Aug 4, 2016

International Location: Istanbul

Cornell Club of Beijing Student Send-Off
Jul 31, 2016

International Location: Beijing

Cornell Club of Singapore New Student Send-Off
Jul 30, 2016

International Location: Singapore

Cornellians in Mumbai Student Send-Off
Jul 29, 2016

International Location: Mumbai