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Regional Campaign Committees

The mission of the Regional Campaign Committees:

  • To raise unrestricted current use money essential to Cornell's ability to make strategic investments and capitalize on unexpected opportunities. This year, the goal is to raise more than $2.75 million dollars for the Annual Fund.
  • To play a crucial role in Cornell's goal to double the Cornell Annual Fund during the course of the Campaign.
  • To reach out to fellow alumni to inspire increased support of the Cornell Annual Fund, especially at the Tower Club level ($5,000 and above) or Ivy Society level ($250 and above) for young alumni.

Program Overview

  • Currently, Regional Campaign Committees are based out of the following regions: Boston, Chicago, Metro New York, Northern New Jersey, Washington D.C., San Francisco and Los Angeles. In addition, the program supports a National Campaign Committee that includes volunteers throughout the country. This committee meets virtually via conference calls.
  • In total, 175 alumni volunteer on the Regional Campaign Committees. Although dispersed throughout the country, all regional campaign committee members are united by their desire to give back to Cornell and to inspire others to do the same.

Members Are Responsible for:

  • Speaking and meeting with alumni and friends of the University, helping them to connect to Cornell, and asking them to consider gifts to the Cornell Annual Fund
  • Directly contacting five to ten alumni and asking for increased Annual Fund gifts at the $5,000 level or higher or Ivy Society level for young alumni
  • Participating in the Campaign Committee kickoff meeting and one or two update meetings/conference calls during the course of the fiscal year
  • Making their own leadership level gift in support of the Cornell Annual Fund

Committee Members serve as:

  • Ambassadors for Cornell within their communities.
  • Fundraisers, with an emphasis on Annual Fund gifts that will help sustain Cornell's excellence.
  • The eyes and ears of Cornell. We depend on our volunteers to tell us what they are hearing during conversations with fellow alumni so that we may better serve Cornell's alumni and friends.

Regional Campaign Committee Chairs

Boston Robert Berstein '97
Chicago Scott Fowkes '85 and Bob Spencer '68, MBA '70
Los Angeles Jeremy Korman '86
Metro New York Jay Waks '68 , JD '71 and Jennifer Isko '89
National Committee Ruth Bleyler '62
Northern New Jersey Ruby Pizzini '91
San Francisco Jonathon Poe '82
Washington D.C. Nicole DelToro '91 and Dale Lazar '74, JD '77

If you are interested in volunteering or would like more information, please contact us at or any of the staff below:

Regional Annual Fund Staff

Regional Annual Fund Director Jamie Hoffmier
Metro New York
Regional Annual Fund Officer Rich Glick

Regional Annual Fund Coordinator Penny Spoonhower
Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, National Campaign Committee, Northern New Jersey, San Francisco and Washington D.C. Committees