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The Cornell Parents Committee


The Cornell Parents Committee is comprised of talented and dedicated parents from around the world. Committee members make a direct impact on the student experience at Cornell and play an important role in serving as ambassadors to other Cornell parents. The committee accomplishes its mission through fundraising and outreach efforts, including soliciting unrestricted gifts from other parents to support and maintain Cornell’s excellence. The most successful committee members have previous experience with fundraising and are comfortable asking others for gifts, strongly embrace the annual fund message and mission, and are at ease acting as an ambassador for Cornell. Committee members also act as mentors to students by offering internships and hiring graduating students. Service on the Parents Committee provides parents with the opportunity to interact with members of the faculty, the deans and the senior leadership of the university.

Executive Committee 2016

National Chairs Steve and Kathy Spandorfer P'18
Outreach Chairs Charles and Elisabeth '82 Chasin P'15, P'19
Solicitation Chairs Marc and Laura Klein P'18, P'19
Family Fellows Chairs Andrew and Abby '95 Cherner P'17, P'18
Major Gift Committee Liasons Bruce and Susan Pollack P'15, P'17, P'19

Parents Committee 2016

Jeffrey and Lynn Altschuler P'09, P'16
Rusty and Maria Banks P'18
Jeffrey and Elizabeth Berman P'17
James '77 and Patricia Bonan P'18
Bruce and Susan '88 Bower P'19
Paulo and Maria Carvao P'18
Byoung Chan Sarah Choi P'18
Jay and Nancy Choi P'16
James and Denise Crystal P'18
Steven MD '86 and Kim '87 Erle P'16
Debbie Falk P'13, P'14
Robert and Shira Feuerstein P'13, P'17
Paul and Jill Fishbin P'17
Noel and Elise Flagg P'10, P'12, P'16
Peter and Dorette Forman P'18
Jonathan and Roni Foster P'15
Mark and Ani Gabrellian P'15, P'17
Steven and Lucy Galbraith P'18
Daniel '79 and Ann Girard P'15, P'17
Teegan and Sara Goddard P'19
Eric and Rebecca Goldberg P'15, P'19
David Goldring P'18
Robert and Wendy Goldstein P'18
Richard and Paige '82 Grossman P'15
Susan Guerin '83 P'15, P'18
Marc '67 and Karen Harwitt P'12, P'15
Mark and Karen Hauser P'11, P'16
Julie Hecht P'18
Cary Holcomb and Heather Winters P'16
Steven and Susanne Hurowitz P'19
Seth and Trudy Jacobson P'16
Mark and Tory Joseph P'10, P'13, P'16
Lawrence Karp and Elizabeth Susman Karp P'19
Sung-Min and Kim Soo-Young Baik P'17
Murray '86 and Ilene '88 Kossman P'16
Rebecca Lazar P'08, P'10, P'15
Edward and Jennifer Lee P'12, P'18
David '87, MBA '88 and Danielle Lesser '88 P'18
George and Sarah Markantonis P'19
Michael and Sari Mass P'17
Barry and Heidi Melin P'17
David and Lisa Merenbach P'18
Andrew and Barbara Murstein P'18
Langdon Neal '78 and Jeanette Sublett P'11, P'17
Michael and Melissa Neborak P'15, P'19
David, MBA '93, MEN '94 and Laura Nowicki P'16
Marc and Debbie Paley P'14, P'18
Greg '84 and Patty Penske P'17, P'19
John and Dushica '79 Protic P'19
Gregg and Lisa Rechler P'16
Stephen and Kara Ross P'17
Robert and Amy '84 Rothman P'18
Lolita Ryklin P'19
Christopher and Sarah Schoettle P'17
Mike Schonenberg and Tracy Neistadt P'16
David and Laurie Selinger P'17, P'19
John and Alison Shulman P'17
Charles and Rebecca Silberstein P'16
John and Cynthia Smet P'14, P'17
Charles and Mary Soderstrom P'18
Richard '79 and Elizabeth '79, MEN '80, MBA '81, Solazzo P'17
Craig Sukin and Amy Berman P'16
Alan '87 and Debra Tantleff P'18
Philip Wachtler and Robin Wilpon Wachtler P'16
Brad Wechsler and Patty Newburger P'12, P'15, P'17
Gary and Margot Weinstein P'11, P'18
Alexander and Renata Weiss P'18, P'19
Nathan and Gail Wiesenfeld P'16
Jonathan and Helaine '84 Winer P'17
Richard and Carmela Wise P'17
Kevin Woody and Claire Brennan P'16, P'17
Glenn and Marcie Yarnis P'17
Victor Yoo and Euncheung Lisa Lee P'13, P'16