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A Message from the Cornell Annual Funds National Chairs

February 2017

What does a gift to a Cornell Annual Fund mean to you? You certainly know that Cornell Annual Fund dollars are some of the most valuable to our Deans and Directors. But did you know that gifts to Cornell's Annual Funds are far more than a check to be used anywhere for anything?

Annual Fund support touches every student at Cornell in a deeply personal way. When a freshman arrives on campus for the first time and is greeted by a team of Welcome Volunteers, that's Annual Fund gifts at work. When a student takes advantage of a unique summer internship program that inspires her future career plans, that's Annual Fund support. When a student takes a break from finals to find solace in Cornell Botanic Gardens, that too is a result of generous Annual Fund gifts.

And there is so much more! As an Annual Fund supporter, you can provide scholarships that make an Ivy league education possible for many of our students. You will help to hire top-notch faculty. And you will provide opportunities so that every Cornellian can have a transformative student experience. When Cornellians graduate ready to make a difference in the world, then YOU will have made a difference!

When you choose any of our Cornell Annual Funds in your personal giving, you're choosing to create opportunities, spark curiosity, advance diversity and keep Cornell an extraordinary university for generations to come.

Please make a meaningful difference by choosing Cornell again today with a gift to a Cornell Annual Fund.

Warmest regards,

Paul Salvatore '81, JD '84
National Chair
Cornell Annual Funds

Mike Troy '81
National Vice-Chair
Cornell Annual Funds